Austrian Chancellor flew from Israel on plane likely owned by Firtash’s company – media

The head of the Austrian government Sebastian Kurz, together with the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen, arrived in Israel on a Danish state plane to discuss the issue of vaccinations. He returned to Austria on a private plane Embraer Legacy 600, which probably belongs to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash, wrote the Austrian edition of ZackZack.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz returned from the Tel Aviv summit in a private jet that may belong to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash. This is stated in the article of the Austrian edition ZackZack dated March 17.

According to media reports, on March 4, Sebastian Kurz, together with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, arrived in Israel on a Danish state plane to discuss the issue of vaccination against coronavirus. He was returning to Austria with the Austrian delegation in a chartered private jet Embraer Legacy 600 with registration number OE-IRK.

The plane is operated by the operating company Avcon Jet AG, which Firtash is behind, the newspaper noted. After Kurtz disembarked in Vienna, the OE-IRK aircraft headed for the Boryspil airport in Kiev. Kurz’s office told the publication that the plane was indeed ordered. This is a completely standard process for booking individual flights through companies such as Avcon Jet. AG reported in the office of the head of the government of Austria.

The department does not know who owns Embraer Legacy 600 and, as officials noted, it does not matter.

The publication claims that it has at its disposal an agreement concluded in November 2017 between Ukrinvest Holding AG, allegedly related to Firtash, with an office in Vienna and the Vienna company Avcon Jet AG. Under this agreement, Avcon Jet AG is responsible for the operation of the Embraer 600 Legacy with the OE-IRK number. The plane was officially owned by Raiffeisen Aircraft Finance GmbH, and Firtash’s Ukrinvest Holding AG rented it, the report said. Read Also:  National: Piura: Family and guests are fined more than 400 soles for celebrating

As noted by the publication, Ukrinvest Holding AG paid the lease fees for two Rolls Royce engines for the aircraft Embraer Legacy 600, so withand in March 2019, the company paid $ 16 thousand. Firtash’s PR manager Daniel Kapp told the publication that the plane belongs to a company that “can be attributed to Firtash, but it is operated autonomously by a third party.”

Firtash detained on March 12, 2014 in Vienna at the request of the US FBI. In the States, the businessman is suspected of bribing the Indian authorities to obtain a license to develop titanium deposits.

June 25, 2019 Supreme Court of Austria allowed extradition Ukrainian businessman in the USA. July 16, then Austrian Minister of Justice Clemens Jabloner agreed to extradite Firtash to the American authorities.

American lawyer Gene Bird said that in the event of Firtash’s extradition to the United States he faces over 80 years in prisonif he does not make a deal with the investigation.

Until they extradited Firtash, he lives in Austria. His defense appealed – asks to reopen the case.

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  1. Nice to have friends in high places, especially as both are Russian controlled. Firtash’s generosity wouldn’t have anything to do with his extradition to the US of course.

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