“LNR” militant admits that he organized “referendum-2014” using machine gun

Luhansk militant Alexander Konkin has admitted that the so-called “referendum” in the Donbas in 2014 was carried out with the use of weapons. He told this in an interview with one of the anti-Ukrainian video channels.

“When the referendum was held… DTEK haі ascendancy over Rovenky – everything is Akhmetov’s… All the mines began to tell that their premises were closed, they did not have ballot boxes… Everyone was gathered in the executive committee’s assembly hall, a lawyer immediately came from DTEK. I say: “I understand that this is your salary and I propose a compromise solution: here is a machine gun, here I am, an evil uncle, a guy with a gun – all questions to me… OK (holding a “referendum” – OstroV), whom it does not suit – we will beat! That is all? OK! “- the militant told about the methods of “pre-election campaigning”.

According to Konkin, the machine gun in his hands made the right impression. All those present, except for two (representatives of the Rovenkovska mine ½ and the mine in the village of Chernihivske), agreed to open polling stations for “voting.” “People tried (to object – OstroV) in two places: “Who is he, go suck a lemon!”, – the “agitator” laughed at them.

He promised to apply a “hard capture” to those who disagree. “It is advisable not to shoot in the room, but you can fire into the air a couple of times”, – he instructed the youth subordinate to him. “The ballot boxes were found right away, everything was opened at once and a duty was organized. This referendum had a great success”, – he dispelled all the assertions of separatist propaganda about the solely voluntary expression of the will of the Donbas residents.

Alexander Konkin led the so-called “militia” of the city of Rovenky of the Luhansk oblast in 2014. He was actively engaged in robbery and looting, took part in the taking of hostages.

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  1. I can’t say that this surprises me or anyone else with more than half a brain. The circus show called a referendum on Crimea was also accomplished at gunpoint.

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