Did Capitalism Save Communist China?

How did one of the world’s poorest countries—China—become, in thirty years, one of the world’s richest? The answer is surprisingly simple and surprisingly powerful. China scholar Helen Raleigh breaks it down.


  1. A video from Dennis Prager’s university. Awesome in its simplicity. As an accompaniment, here is a great quote from Maggie Thatch:
    ‘Governments do not create the wealth. They consume it. It is the people who create the wealth and they need the incentive of tax cuts to do it.

    We are saying more to other people: “You are not entitled to a living from the State unless you are truly unfortunate and you really need to have help because you genuinely cannot find work, you are genuinely sick or genuinely disabled or you are too old to work.” Why sometimes do British people feel a guilt complex about success without realising that it is the individual enterprise and the individual effort which is the engine of success which has enabled us to do so many other things? Now you will find us putting tremendous emphasis on this.’

  2. To comment on her last sentence, what is bad for bat virus land is not necessarily bad for the world. Let’s say their economy crashes and burns. What would this mean for the environment? That would be very good news. And, bat virus land could not buy up every hi-tech company world-wide. And, so much more.
    What she did not mention is that bat virus land’s rise has been accomplished on the backs of a billion people who work as near slaves, making chink products cheaper than products from other countries. Another important aspect is theft. Bat virus land is a thief. Much of its knowledge about production methods, various types of infrastructure and knowledge over countless hi-tech methodologies have been stolen. Plain and simple. Another point is their ravenous appetite for buying certain types of companies in other countries that help them gain even more knowledge. Let us not forget the plain stupidity and greed of Western businessmen and even whole governments that would sell their grandmothers to do business with bat virus land.
    To reiterate; a broken bat virus land would be good for the world.

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