The first in Ukraine: a temple will be built in Mariupol in honor of the dead military

Mariupol will become the first city in Ukraine to build a temple in honor of the country’s defenders. The press service of the JFO reported .

It is known that on March 13, on the eve of the Day of the Ukrainian Volunteer, a capsule was laid on the Left Bank of Mariupol to commence the construction of the Holy Protection Church of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The event was attended by combatants, volunteers, law enforcement officers, representatives of the authorities and the public of Mariupol and other cities of Donetsk region. According to the Deputy Commander of the JFO, Major General Eduard Moskalev, the temple will be built in memory of the fallen Ukrainian defenders.

“This is the first church in Ukraine to be built in honor of our defenders, as well as in honor of the victory. We are a strong nation, we are Cossacks and victory will be ours! ” – said the president of the Public Association “Military-Civil Union” Combat Brotherhood of Ukraine “Pavel Zhebrivskyi.

It should be noted that during the event, those present honored the memory of the dead soldiers and took part in landscaping the territory of the temple, planting trees.


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