Ukrainian Air Force plans to adopt F-35

Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force Ukraine Serhiy Drozdov said Kyiv intends to acquire American F-15 and F-35 fighter jets for the Ukrainian Army, reports the Ukrainian military portal.

According to him, in the first stage of rearmament, the Air Force plans to receive a new multifunctional aircraft of the forth-generation. The fifth-generation aircraft can be adopted after that.

“The Gripen and F-15 aircraft are being considered in the first stage. In the future, as the relations with our partners deepen, there will be a transition to a modern aircraft of the fifth generation, F-35,” Drozdov said.

Drozdov also noted that within ten years the Air Force will be forced to stop using old weapons and equipment, which are currently in service.

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  • Gripens are very low cost and efficient. I would start with them and later get some F-16s before shifting to the F-35s. Yet a great decision. Ukraine’s army needs to be fit for extreme combat before Zhirinovsky took over in Muscovy.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    The F-35 is top-of-the-line but very expensive. Ukraine doesn’t need such a plane to counter Ruskie junk.

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    • The only advantage of the F-35 is that it can carry nukes. Since Ukraine neither has any nukes nor is in Nato the purchase is not necessary and a waste of money.

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    • stanleyankiewicz

      I agree with you and Mike . The Gripen is a very cost effective Russian jet killer.
      The article states that the first step would be to acquire these or F 15s first.

      That being said…….I hate to say this but the reality is that Ukraine’s plan to replace its Soviet-era combat aircraft with Western models is logical from both the political and operational points of view, but the country’s economic straits makes it highly unlikely that it will be able to finance even an initial buy of 12 aircraft without very substantial vendor financing.

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      • Brazil has contracted for 36 Gripins for 4,6 billion.
        This also includes training and domestic assembly.
        Saab is eager to broaden it’s market share so they a generous with the financing.
        My recommendation would be to lease a squadron and truly evaluate if the machine meets their needs. If it does then they can go with a full on purchase.

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