Ukraine, Albania seek to develop bilateral relations in education and science sector


Ukraine and Albania have agreed to develop bilateral relations in the field of education and science, the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

During the meeting of Ambassador of Ukraine to Albania Volodymyr Shkurov and Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Albania Evis Kushi, the parties agreed to update the existing interdepartmental agreement concluded in 2003 and work out new cooperation mechanisms to improve bilateral cooperation.

“Ukraine and Albania have broad prospects for the development of Ukrainian-Albanian cooperation in education and science,” Shkurov said.

He cited examples of successful Ukrainian-Albanian cooperation at the level of some universities, and noted the good prospects for cooperation between the Ukrainian State Service of Quality of Education and the Albanian Quality Assurance Agency for Education.

In turn, Kushi thanked the Ukrainian Education and Science Ministry for providing Albania with quotas for the education of Albanian students at Ukrainian universities.

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  1. Ukraine might be interested to learn how Albania’s mighty armed forces are so crucial to Nato when theirs are not?

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