U.S. to strengthen support for Ukraine – Blinken

U.S. to strengthen support for Ukraine - Blinken

11.03.2021 09:27

The United States is well aware of the challenges facing Ukraine today and is ready to strengthen its support in various areas, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said.

He stated this at the U.S. Congress on Wednesday, March 10, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“We strongly stand against Russia’s attempted annexation of Crimea. We stand strongly against its aggression in the Donbas, in eastern Ukraine, and we are strongly in support of Ukraine. We intend to strengthen that support – whether its security, economic, or its efforts to strengthen its own democracy,” Blinken said.

He stressed that one of the challenges for Ukraine was that “it has to face aggression from the outside, from Russia, but it also has to deal on the inside, with its own challenges, including the problem of corruption.”

“We’re determined to work on all that,” Blinken said.




  1. The US could end all occupations if they would kick some ass instantly. So this is the same drivel that tortured me for almost seven years and makes me believe that without concessions to the aggressor Ukraine will be fucked for decades.

    • I get tired of hearing flowery speeches of support of Ukraine that end with sentiments that Ukraine’s biggest problem is it’s internal corruption. While a foreign force maintains illegal, deathly occupations, other foreign forces suggest support and demand Ukraine fight….not the foreign force….but internal corruption.
      Hey Blinkin, it might be easier to focus on internal corruption if the Moskali didn’t invade and occupy 2 parts of the country. How about helping us get the foreign filth off the land and then Ukraine can work on getting the internal filth off the country.

      • Why don’t they speak the truth? They will not challenge RuSSia severely over the Crimea, and unless Putin will drown shirtless in the Black Sea and break his dick there’s no hope to get it back. Instead they motivate Ukraine to talk tough on the ruskies without giving them the necessary military support. Totally shameful.

        • Why not the truth? They are politicians and the truth is far from them.

          Corruption is a serious problem in Ukraine. It’s also a serious problem in the US, Germany, France, Italy, The UK,…. Reading histories of the Russian Empire, corruption was endemic. It gave Peter the Great fits and he found he could do little about it. Some of the corruption in Ukraine is actually treason, and without serious consequences (i.e. executions) the problem will not end.

          The idea that Ukraine is a democracy so executions can not be carried out is equivalent to saying Ukraine is too weak to deal with the problem decisively.

          • The problem there is going to the EU, as planned, you can’t make them drink acid when they’re found guilty, though they deserve it. You can, though, force them to listen to Michael Jackson non-stop for 25 years. Personally I would gladly drink the acid.

        • Their point, though spineless as you point out, seems to be to get rid of Oligarchs and improve the economy. Then either the Russians will want to come to Ukraine or have Red Square Maidan. Voila, then Europe doesn’t have to do anything except suck on their RuSSian gas pipes.

  2. I do hope that we will continue our support for Ukraine under Biden at least the same level as under the Trumpet. I also hope that this support includes ramming more painful sanctions into mafia land’s ass.

  3. “it has to face aggression from the outside, from Russia’

    Ukraine also faces aggression inside from Russia too, hence all the whining from Putin’s lapdogs, now that part of their propaganda machine has been dismantled in Ukraine.

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