The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill exempting officials from punishment for unintentional corruption

The State Duma adopted in the first reading two government bills allowing officials, judges, deputies and employees of state-owned companies to avoid responsibility for violations of anti-corruption laws committed due to circumstances beyond their control.

The first bill says that a government official can avoid responsibility for non-compliance with anti-corruption restrictions, prohibitions and requirements if the violation was “the result of circumstances beyond his control”.

These can be “extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances” that are “beyond the control” of the civil servant and which could not have been expected, avoided or overcome, the bill says. Such circumstances include natural disasters, fire, mass diseases (epidemics), strikes, military operations, terrorist attacks, as well as prohibitions and restrictions adopted by state bodies and local governments.

Not later than a month after the effect of these circumstances has ceased, the civil servant must comply with the violated restrictions, prohibitions and requirements.

The second bill proposes to expand the rule exempting from punishment for unintentional corruption to employees of state-owned companies, public-law companies, the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund and the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund, as well as employees of state extra-budgetary funds and organizations created “to perform tasks delivered to federal state bodies ”.

As an example of an anti-corruption violation committed due to circumstances beyond the control of an official, the State Duma cited the filing of an income tax return after the deadline.

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  1. The DUMA declared today corruption legal. Unintentionally does not exist in this crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why not? It’s mafia land. Corruption by the elite parasites is now officially legal … but so so is murder and theft and perjury and wife-beating and pollution and fraud…

  3. Unintentionally downing a passenger plane……………Unintentionally mass murders? Unintentionally destroying hospitals? Unintentionally murdering opposition leaders? Unintentionally poisoning opposition leaders?

    When you are against corruption, you get 3 years Gulag!

  4. Oh Fuckski, I just accidentally accepted a bribeski.

    Good job I didn’t mean to. (Can I still keep the moneyski?)

  5. Funny. As Veth points out, corruption is never unintentional. Putinist corruption marches on.

    Ukraine needs to deal with its oligarch problem soon. Normally I would hope that Kolomoisky would be extradited to the US, but under Biden, I expect he will skate on any charges brought against him.

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