The Russians called the rise in prices the main problem of society

Russians consider the rise in prices to be the main problem of society. As evidenced by the Levada Center survey data received by Meduza, this opinion is shared by 58% of respondents.

The survey was conducted on February 18-24, 2021. Levada Center notes that in recent years, Russians’ concerns about price increases have been steadily declining – so, in 2016, more than 80% of respondents called it a problem, in 2018 – 60-70%.

The respondents named poverty (40%), corruption (39%) and rising unemployment (36%) as other important problems. Russians are paying more and more attention to corruption: the importance of this problem has grown since 2015 (24%) and in recent years has stabilized at the level of 39-40%.

In the social sphere, Russians are most worried about the stratification of society into rich and poor (26%), the inaccessibility of many types of medical services (23%) and education (20%). 

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