Norway suspends sale of engine plant to Russian company

23:53, 9 March 2021 – 112UA

Justice Ministry welcomes foreign investments but says there are potential risks for national security.

The government of Norway has stopped the procedure of sale of Bergen Engines plant to Russia’s Transmashholding company. Reuters reported that with the reference to Norwegian Justice Ministry. 

On February 4, Rolls-Royce claimed it sold the company, which was part of the plan to help the country cope with the economic consequences of pandemic of coronavirus. The products of Bergen Engines are employed by the Norwegian Navy. 

Transmashholding company’s branch, TMH Group was supposed to become the new owner of Bergen Engines; the price is 150 million Euros.

Commenting on this matter, Justice Minister Monica Maeland stated that Norway welcomes foreign investments; however, it should also consider potential risks for national security, as long as it concerns strategically important branches of economy. “There is significant uncertainty in relation to national security interests, and this uncertainty must be dealt with. We don’t know which conclusion we will draw,” she said.

The Ministry added that all sorts of current checks related to the sale process must be suspended.

Bergen Engines is the manufacturer of ship engines used by the Norwegian Navy. These engines are installed in Norwegian patrol ships and a scout vessel; besides, the military also ordered icebreakers, and they will also feature these engines.


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