Due to attempts by Roskomnadzor to slow down the work of Twitter, all sites with a combination of t.co in the address suffered. For example, these are Microsoft, Github and RT.

Roskomnadzor, as part of the Twitter speed limit, slowed down the work of sites with the t.co combination in their domain names  (this is one of the domains used by Twitter). Attention to it drew the creator of free service AntiZapret bypass blockages, known under the pseudonym ValdikSS.

According to the researcher, the sites githubusercontent.com (one of the Github domains), as well as rt.com (RT TV channel), reddit.com (social news site Reddit), microsoft.com (Microsoft company) have been slowed down.

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  1. Shithole of all sjitholes Russia blocked RT by attempting to block Twitter.

    I don’t need the Sputnik Vaccine……

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