Abkhazia scenario: Russia could deploy its troops in Donbas as “peacekeepers” – journalist

09:00, 10.03.21 – UNIAN

Russia is mulling an option of mothballing the conflict along the Abkhazian model.

The Kremlin could be plotting an armed provocation aiming to ultimately deploy “Russian peacekeepers” into the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas, suggests Serhiy Harmash, a Ukrainian journalist and delegate to the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement, representing representative of certain areas of Donetsk region.

In a Facebook post Harmash wrote as an analyst expressing his personal opinion, he recalled that the Germans and French have completed, within the framework of the Normandy Four, their work on “cluster proposals”. Steps have been worked out to become the base for a roadmap for ending the war. All parties are now waiting for Russia’s reaction to the steps put forward.

“Being dissatisfied with the situation in the Normandy Four (Western ‘cluster proposals’) and seeing that they are losing the initiative, the Russians are preparing a military provocation in Donbas, which may become a pretext for the introduction of ‘Russian peacekeepers’ into the ORDLO [certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions]. Fearing that a provocation may cause a counter-offensive by Ukraine’s Armed Forces, they’re preparing for defense,” Harmash wrote.

In his opinion, the purpose of such provocation and the subsequent deployment of “Russian peacekeepers” is to create a new reality in Donbas, which will make the German-French “cluster proposals” that are disadvantageous to Russia no longer relevant, and allow the conflict to be mothballed along the Abkhazian model.

“That is, reformatting the region into what in fact will be Russia’s military base under the guise of depopulated ‘DPR/LPR’, with the possibility of resuming hostilities at any moment Moscow finds fit,” Harmash suggested.

He believes that since the scenario with pushing the ‘DPR/LPR’ back into Ukraine doesn’t work out, while the geopolitical background becomes unfavorable, Moscow “starts playing a long game”.

Harmash noted that in the current situation it is important to tell a provocation from an actual offensive, to correctly assess enemy moves and respond adequately, while giving no grounds for the introduction of “peacekeepers”.

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  1. “…deployment of “Russian peacekeepers” is to create a new reality in Donbas, which will make the German-French “cluster proposals” that are disadvantageous to Russia no longer relevant…”

    Looks like Merkel and the last 2 French presidents got played again but that’s not news here. Putin has painted himself into a corner. I’ve always maintained that the Donbas invasion was a distraction to the real prize, Crimea. If the Kremlin Gremlin really needs to move his toilet thieves in officially then it seems to me he is losing his distraction.

  2. Russia has no intention of leaving Ukraine and Georgia in peace. This reality must be addressed and a viable plan must be formulated to end this horror. Ukraine was outflanked by Franco-German treachery from day one. Forget Minsk, forget Normandy, forget the UN.
    There is one hope only: that the Budapest signatories will finally acknowledge their responsibilities and meet them to the letter.

    • Putin is like the mad man that poisons his wife with cyanide very slowly so he can feel strong and in control. As long as he just kills a few every day and scattered thinly all over Europe he will get away with it.

      • A very apt analogy. He is still getting far too easy a time in the west from politicians, journalists and influencers. That is why his nazi propaganda machine needs to be countered far more aggressively. After 20 years of mass murder, he should be universally hated and despised, but isn’t.
        As I mentioned to you before, it is very, very hard to find a right wing commentator in America who isn’t either mildly or strongly supportive of the tiny poisoner. There is one commendable exception: Mark Levin, an ex-Reagan lawyer whom I rate highly.
        I was a fan of Candace Owens for some time, until I found out that she also unfortunately is a putler apologist.
        In the UK, Peter Hitchens writes for the huge circulation Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail. He’s been kissing putler’s jackboots for 15 years. On Sunday he wrote about a well known leftist journalist and former editor; Roy Greenslade, who recently outed himself as a closet IRA supporter. Hitchens was rightly raging about it. So I wrote a comment for his column that exposed his hideous hypocrisy. Hitchens or the moderators did not allow it to be published. Here is my comment :
        ‘Greenslade has finally come clean about his lifelong support for IRA violence. Peter Hitchens rightly shows his contempt for this loathsome creature and the malignant, cancerous murder gang that committed so many terrible atrocities upon innocent Christian people.
        Yet Hitchens, like almost all ex-Marxists and current Marxists, remains unapologetically supportive of Russia, despite the fact that it is run by a murderous dictatorship that is the world’s biggest terror sponsor. Countless articles in these columns over many years reveal no doubt where Hitchens’ sympathies lie; and they are not with the victims. Operatives of the Russian state have committed horrifying atrocities on entirely innocent civilians on their own land and in the lands that they illegally occupy: eye-gouging, torture by electricity, defenestrations and shootings. They also use exotic and terrible poisons on their perceived enemies wherever they are, including British citizens in Britain. More innocent Christians in Europe this century have been murdered by the Russian state than those murdered by AQ/isis, yet Hitchens has not issued even one word of condemnation of the perpetrators. Instead he constantly defends them as, fantastically, he believes it his his patriotic duty to do so.’

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