Ukraine loses another news channel


The news site ‘Ukrainian News Agency’ (UNA) has been taken over by the Chinese. Almost every second article is about China now. Check for yourselves:

I will no longer post their garbage. Under Zelensky China and Turkey are taking over the country, while the oligarchs and ruSSian mafia increased their profits. No surprise since Kolomoisky installed his man in Kyiv. Where is the opposition? Where are Poro and Yulia?

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  1. Where are Poro and Yuliya? Unfortunately not doing very well. What they need to do is find common ground and create a bloc consisting perhaps of :
    Poro : European Solidarity
    Yuliya: Fatherland
    Oksana Syroyid: Self Reliance
    Klitchko : UDAR
    and non -putlerite far right, such as : Svoboda, Pravy Sektor etc.
    The Medvedchuk/Boyko Trojan Horse bloc needs to be shut down and the leaders interred.

  2. I clicked on it and as you say, it’s chicom-dominated. However, I did find one worthwhile story : Kuleba announces new embassies opening in Ghana, Philippines and Chile. That could be good for business, since by African standards Ghana is quite free and democratic and Chile is far and away the most democratic in South America. The Philippines are run by a putlerite turd, but he won’t be around forever and the archipelago represents a potentially big export market.

    • Chile is a great place. Great beaches (and women 😇). Yes, it sounds good. Although the Philippines are garbage. I would prefer Thailand as a partner instead.

      • I’d love to visit Chile. I doubt if I’ll get there though. But I do have a friend who ran a business in Thailand and married a Thai girl. They have a holiday home there that they have offered for my wife and I to use. I wouldn’t normally think about it, but now I am. The only thing that puts me off is that I hate intercontinental flights.

  3. Not sure whey they need to have China as a separate item in the menu as most of the “articles” are about China anyway. I will upload a nasty post abt that genocide regime later today or tomorrow

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