English should become second state language, after Ukrainian – NSDC secretary

Kids must start studying English from pre-school years.PixabayPixabay

Ensuring that the younger Ukrainians master English would be a guarantee of Ukraine’s independence, believes Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Oleksiy Danilov

“Unfortunately, for 30 years we have not defined Ukrainian as a primary and fundamental language of our independence. And for 30 years we haven’t paid attention to English, which should be a mandatory second language so that we are protected from the attacks we’re suffering from on the part of the Russian Federation today,” Danilov told the all-Ukrainian forum “Ukraine 30. Culture, media, tourism” in Kyiv, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

According to Danilov, many Ukrainian politicians and presidents “flirted” with the Russian language, diggig a hole in which they have found themselves today.

“And this is being exploited by Russia, which broadcasts its narratives here,” he said.

The NSDC secretary added, kids must start studying English from pre-school years.

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  1. Preferably US English. The pronounciation, vocabulary, spelling and grammar will be easier to learn. (No offense to my British friends here intended. 😇)

    • Culturally this is already happening, the people are waiting for the politicians to catch up. Ever since Maidan the language of the invader has become less and less popular. After all, English (and specifically US English) is the international language.
      Many years ago when I first met my wife, I considered joining the Peace Corps or teaching ESL in Ukraine. Almost all the openings were for US English teachers. No offense either to our Cricket-loving specialists but Americans are better at pronouncing A’s when there are A’s and not pronouncing R’s where there are A’s….
      For example: In the US you pronounce Obam’A, but in Great Britain you pronounce it Obam’R.
      Oh, and we still don’t understand, “Cherry-O” but that’s our fault 😉
      I must say though, British English is much more interesting to listen to even if I don’t understand it.

      • I lived in London and i can understand cockney without any trouble, but the accent of the Midlands sounds way sexier. 😀

  2. If Ukraine wants to annoy Putin, switch from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet. I’d buy a ticket to the Kremlin show to see that tantrum.

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