Archaeologists uncover skeletons of WWII-era nuns murdered by Russian soldiers

6 March 2021 – Fox News

The nuns were from the order of St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Polish archaeologists have recently identified previously uncovered skeletons of three Catholic nuns who were killed by Russian soldiers at the end of World War II

The Russian army invaded Poland in 1944 after Germany’s occupation, hoping to gain control by imprisoning, exiling and assassinating Polish soldiers, civilians and members of its religious community.

Historical records from 1945 — the year of VE Day — showed that the soldiers had murdered seven nuns from the order of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Researchers first searched a site in Gdańsk last summer, and Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) reported that they had found the remains of Sister Charytyna.

In October 2020, further excavation at a local parish cemetery in Orneta exposed the additional remains of who are thought to be Sister Generosa, Sister Krzysztofora and Sister Liberia, according to an IPN statement.

The three nuns all served at the Marian Hospital in Olsztyn where they worked as nurses before their deaths in the winter of 1945.

Two areas were designated for archeological work after the team’s documentation of burials including the former living quarters of the St. Catherine Sisters.

However, the archaeologists would have to dig deeper and finding the nuns required a “temporary exhumation” of second burials. 

In December, IPN announced that they had located the remains of who they believe are the last three nuns: Sister Rolanda, Sister Gunhilda and Sister Bona.

During the exhumation, the crew found religious artifacts including “religious medals, crucifixes, elements of religious clothing and religious rosaries.

Pathologists at the Forensic Medicine Institute in Gdańsk will now examine the skeletons to confirm their identities and gain a better understanding of their lives and the devastating nature of their deaths.

Some facts are already known by IPN, which reported Sister Generosa had been locked in the hospital’s attic and “mistreated.”

Sister Krzysztofora died at 42 after soldiers gouged out her eyes, cut out her tongue and stabbed her with bayonets 16 times. Sister Liberia was shot after leaving an air raid shelter.

IPN notes that Catholic clergy in Poland are seeking beatification for the slain St. Catherine sisters.


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  2. During the years from 1939–41, nearly 1.5 million people (including both local inhabitants and refugees from German-occupied Poland) were deported from the Soviet controlled areas of former eastern Poland deep into the Soviet Union. Only a small number of these deportees returned to their homes after the war. At least one third of the 320,000 Polish prisoners of war captured by the Red Army in 1939 were murdered.

    Illegally annexing Estonia in 1940. In 1941, 34,000 Estonians were drafted into the Red Army with only 30% surviving the war. It has further been reported that less than 50% of these men seen military service with remainder perishing in concentration camps.

    – When the Nazis invaded Estonia the Soviets deported 300,000 Estonians, many of whom were executed. In fact, as a result of Soviet occupation of Estonia it permanently lost 20% of its population.

    – Some 300,000 Lithuanians were deported or sentenced to terms in prison camps on political grounds. It is estimated that Lithuania lost almost 780,000 citizens as a result of the Soviet occupation, of these around 440,000 were war refugees.

    – Almost every country occupied by the Russians faced mass executions usually on false charges, large scale rape against the female inhabitants and mass deportations – usually to Soviet gulag.
    Long before WWII began, at its inception and long after its end Russia was involved in innumerable war crimes that have been too often forgotten .

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