It is time to deepen political association, economic integration of EU with Eastern Partnership countries – Tochytskyi


Representative of Ukraine to the European Union, Ambassador Mykola Tochytskyi believes that right now is the moment to take advantage of the time for deepening political association and economic integration of the European Union with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, which formed the Associated Trio within the Eastern Partnership, the press service of the Missions of Ukraine to the EU said on Facebook.

“This event is taking place against the backdrop of a significant increase in the number of initiatives from the Associated Trio countries. These countries have come to a critical moment where their achievements do not coincide with the aspirations of the European Union. This, in particular, concerns our intention to deepen economic association and political integration, which has a legitimate basis,” Tochytskyi said during the presentation of the report of the Centre for European Policy Studies to compare the achievements of the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership Associated Trio.

The ambassador said the relationship between the European Union and the countries of the eastern region needs clarification.

“Our countries continue to fight for their European choice, in particular, in the confrontation and in the war with Russia. President of the European Council Charles Michel visited Donbas during his visit to Ukraine, saw the consequences of Russia’s aggressive policy, which could destroy the entire region. I would like to outline our striving for full membership in the EU is determined by the requirements of the times,” Tochytskyi said.

In his opinion, these relations have reached a certain critical stage, when the real achievements of the countries in political and economic development already exceed the goals that were initially determined by the European Union.

The Ukrainian diplomat said the Associated Trio countries have almost similar achievements with the countries of the Western Balkans region, and in some areas, since the beginning of the EU association process, these countries have even surpassed the Balkan countries, which already have a clear prospect of EU membership.

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  • Very sound idea. Moldova took a big step in the right direction recently. Let’s hope it continues that way. Meanwhile, a covert putlerite party ‘Georgian Dream’ (so called ) skanked its way through another fixed election. It needs to be crushed.
    Biden should build bases in Georgia and Ukraine. Forget Nato; the prevarication will continue indefinitely, as long as they have a clapped out Marxist running it.
    If the putinazis complain, he can make them an offer : leave Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova permanently and we will leave also.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    It’s good to deepen the political and economic relationship with the EU. But, the country should be careful not to get in too deep, lest it will get drawn into the bureaucratic EU swamp.

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