Six Ukrainians killed in bus accident in Poland, 15 more hospitalized


Six Ukrainians were killed and another 15 were hospitalized in a traffic accident in Poland, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko has said.

“Poland: near the village of Kaszyce a regular bus Poznan-Kherson got into an accident. Six citizens of Ukraine were killed, 15 were hospitalized,” the diplomat wrote to his Twitter account on Saturday morning.

He added that the consuls went to the scene, they are interacting with local authorities and hospitals to provide consular assistance to Ukrainians and clarify all the circumstances of the accident.

According to Polish media, the tragedy took place on the A4 motorway near Jarosław in Podkarpackie region. The bus with Ukrainian registration plates fell from the viaduct into a ditch – six people were killed, 34 were injured, RMF FM reported.

The bus drove towards Przemyśl, towards the border with Ukraine. A total of 57 people were in the bus. All of them are citizens of Ukraine.



Two helicopters were dispatched to the scene of the accident to transport the wounded: the Polish air ambulance service and the MI8 military service. Firefighters evacuated passengers from the overturned bus.

The unaffected participants in the accident were admitted to a local school.

At the moment, all the victims have been taken to hospitals or hostels. A total of 34 people were initially hospitalized. Eighteen people who did not need hospitalization were taken to a neighboring hostel.

According to information from, 26 people were injured. “The victims were taken to the regional hospital in Przemyśl, the Medical Center in Jarosław, the regional hospital No. 2 in Rzeszów, the hospital in Rudna Mała and district hospitals in Przeworsk and Lubaczów,” Marek Janowski, spokesman for the Przemyśl ambulance station, said.

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  1. Likely to be poor people trying to make some money for their families. A terrible tragedy for their loved ones.

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