UK to design new missile boats for Ukraine – Defence Attaché Woods

They expect to start building the first boat early next year.

British Defence Attaché in Ukraine, Commodore Tim Woods says the British industry will design new missile boats specifically for Ukraine as part of a memorandum signed by the two countries, which provides for the re-equipment of the Ukrainian Navy.

The boats of approximately 50 to 65 meters long will be able to ensure a speed of 40 knots, he said in an interview for the Den (Day) newspaper published on March 4.

Artillery and missile systems are to be installed depending, among other things, on what kind of missiles are needed – short- or long-range projectiles. It is currently being considered by British companies, he said.

According to Woods, the first four boats are expected to be built in the UK. At the same time, Ukrainian shipbuilders will be able to watch the process, while learning how to do it and undergoing training.

Another four missile boats will be manufactured in Ukraine, which will be advantageous to both the country’s shipbuilding and the Navy, the Commodore said.

Another option, which is being considered now, has not yet been formalized. That is, a project to design warships by the British industry jointly with a design bureau in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, he added.

Great Britain, he says, expects to start building the first boat early next year.

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  1. Great news. Ukraine needs a good navy to stop the mongol horde from restricting Ukraine access to it’s own territorial waters.

  2. Boris is delivering on his promise from last year. He now needs to deliver on the Oxford vaccine…..
    40 knots; that’s truckin’ man! They will need to be equipped with the RN’s replacement for the Harpoon SSGW (surface to surface guided weapon) which is due this year.
    They already have expertise in Mykolayiv, so this is a smart move. It’s also not far from the joint US-UA base being established in Ochakiv.
    The project should create skilled jobs in a region that needs regeneration.

  3. Excellent!
    A small fast fleet with modern weapons and radars will do Ukraine better service than holding on to the tird old Soviet era scrap.
    there is an article on the Industrial portal that the unfinished Prince Voldimyer corvette will be up gunned as a frigate to replace th ecurrent Hetman.
    Good news for the Navy indeed.

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