The Criminal Investigation Department in Penza lost recordings from surveillance cameras after one of the detainees complained of torture

In Penza, recordings from CCTV cameras installed in the building of the Criminal Investigation Department have disappeared. The UK was going to use them to investigate a criminal case of abuse of power by police officers. The case was opened on the complaint of the detained Vitaly Vyunov, who spoke about the torture in the police.

The disappearance of the recordings from the surveillance cameras was reported to the 7 × 7 edition by the lawyer Alexander Fedulov, representing the interests of Vyunov. Fedulov suggested that they were destroyed. “Now the question of conducting an examination with the possibility of restoring video recordings will be decided,” the lawyer added.

Fedulov said that Vyunov was detained on February 25 at home, where he was with his young son. The man was suspected of extortion and was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Vyunov told the lawyer that the police beat him for several hours.

According to Fedulov, Vyunov was subjected to “standard torture”, including “swallow” torture, when a detainee was tied or handcuffed behind his back with his arms and legs. “Then they put a hat on their heads, started kicking them on the head, took off their pants, and threatened them with rape with a rubber truncheon,” Fedulov said. He added that Vyunov was not required to confess, but “just mocked” him. 

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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