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5 March, 2021 – By Red Square Maidan

A letter from Euromaidan Press via our Feedback Page.

I recently happened to stumble on the 2 articles below (copy-pasted) and noticed that there were no links to the original material published on our website (Euromaidan Press). This goes against basic journalistic policy, so I kindly ask you to rectify the matter, i.e. publish the link to the original article and see that all future articles are duly credited. Thank you!

We at Euromaidan Press greatly appreciate re-publication of our articles in other media as long as the author/translator is fully credited and a link is given to the original material on our website. Our goal is not to prohibit, but to spread and share news about Ukraine, whether it be historical, cultural, political or social, to the English-speaking environment.

It is most important to draw more attention to Ukraine and its current and past problems, especially in view of the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine, Russian disinformation campaigns and creeping Russification. Thank you for your attention. Christine.

To all the great contributors here on

As a reminder, please always include a link to the original article when posting. This isn’t the first such feedback I’ve gotten from one of our sources. It is respectful and professional.

Also, when posting pictures, please include the photographer if it is included with the picture. Usually you can add it from right below the picture itself. With our current format however, the tops and bottoms of the Featured Images are cut off. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about that except once again, add it manually as a caption if possible. Photographers work very hard and often in very difficult circumstances to get pictures of the events covered and they deserve recognition too.

If there isn’t a link inside the article we post, please add the link by copying and pasting the entire article link from the browser address. This is the best way for us to reach our readers responsibly and giving credit to those that are producing our content.

We are all in the same boat so let’s work together. I will be auditing all our articles for a period of time to ensure this is being done. I will also edit them and encourage all our Editors to edit them with this important information if it is not provided in your post. Just like you, I am busy too, so please don’t make me do your work for you ;))

Slava Ukraini~~!!



  1. I should add, that if we use Moskali sources like TASS or RT, I don’t really care if I get in a fight with them so I’m not going to bother adding links to their trash. Just for our guys. What does everyone think?

    • Good morning Redders! A very reasonable attitude from EP, which is a wonderful publication; one of the very best. I hope I am always careful to credit the publication and the writer. In future I will add a web link to the original article.

  2. I never post EP articles anyway. I think it is enough, concerning other sources, to name the source, and if available, the author. Interfax has shitty pictures without a photographer mentioned, so i often add pics of my own. That said, i will not change anything. All my articles are ALWAYS properly credited. Links will make people migrate to other sites. Yet we are a best of site, very unique. So, i only post links if the contents’ credibility needs to be confirmed or if it is a developing story. If you disagree i will stop posting articles. I’m very busy anyway, working night-shift five days a week to support myself and Oksana.

    • I think we’re good going forward. We just need to take care of our friends like EP, RFE and the like. I hope nobody interprets this as some new hardcore rule. I haven’t gotten any letters like that, lol.

      • I do highly value their journalistic work. It’s way more than just copy-paste. If i had more time i would write articles myself. Maybe next year. The idea is to keep people informed. So, why would someone read the same article again on the source site? Then we can only post links instead. We were successful for half a decade on three different sites, and i always got positive feedback. Even by Kyiv Post and Hromadske. Let’s move on! 🇺🇦

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