A teacher at a Kazan university warned students against participating in rallies for Navalny. Stating that the opposition is a “schmuck” and Putin is a “tsar”

A teacher at the Tupolev Kazan National Research Technical University (KNRTU-KAI) warned students against participating in rallies for opposition leader Alexei Navalny, saying that he was a “schmuck” and Putin was a “tsar.” The audio recording of the speech was posted by the Kazan student online magazine “Wind”.

The publication reported that the recording was sent by students. When it was made, it is not specified. The male voice on it belongs to the teacher of KNRTU-KAI Oleg Tikhonov, says “Wind”. According to the information on the university’s website, Tikhonov teaches computer science disciplines there.


The teacher urged students not to “spoil their biography” and not “fit in” with Navalny. He added that he knows people from Kirov who “will tell who Navalny is” (probably, we are talking about  the Kirovles case , in which the oppositionist was tried).

My friend, in your third year you will receive an admission form . So you may not get it. I just want to tell you. Understood, huh? I see, yes, what am I talking about [speech]? We will have these piled up … I understand, you can fit in for anyone, but for this ha … Well, I really won’t speak. But for this schmuck it is not necessary to fit in. <…>

I’m not saying that Putin is there … But he is the king, as I say, right? I want to tell you right away – he is the king! You want to present to Peter I, or what? For what he built Peter? So he built on state funds. You can imagine anyone here now, right? True, in the end they did not get anything, you know, right? They do not live in the hermitages, and so on. But this is me, for information I say. Let him build, stick Christmas trees! All the same, he will not get it. He will die sooner or later, as I say. The same Putin, right?

On January 23 and 31, February 2 and 14, actions were held in Russia in support of Navalny, who was detained after returning from Germany and received a real term in  the Yves Rocher case . Shortly before the first share, FBK  issued film about “Putin’s palace” near Gelendzhik, the construction of which, according to the fund, cost at least 100 billion rubles.

Among those detained at the rally on January 23 in Kazan were students of KNRTU-KAI. Vice-rector for educational activities Alexei Lopatin assured that they would not be expelled for this. At the same time, added Lopatin, the university will interview its students whether they were at the rally, “to understand whether our preventive measures are working or not.”

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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  • onlyfactsplease

    A teacher in a university says Navalny is a “schmuck” (maybe he is) and Putin was a “tsar” (definitely not). Isn’t this a very bad grade for the quality of the mafia schooling system? Teachers like this imp who are so easily and utterly brainwashed are counterproductive for a system that should be open-minded and free of lies.

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