Slovak Foreign Minister apologizes to Ukraine for ‘inappropriate statements’ of Prime Minister


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Ivan Korchok apologized for the joke made by the Prime Minister of the country Igor Matovich about the transfer of Transcarpathia to Russia in exchange for the Sputnik V vaccine. The corresponding publication on Thursday, January 4, appeared on the Foreign Minister’s Facebook account.

“Today I talked with my Ukrainian partner, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. I apologized to him for the inappropriate statements made by the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Igor Matovic, to Ukraine, ”he wrote.

As Korchok added, a few days before the incident, the ministers met in Kiev and communicated very well.

Earlier on the same day, it became known that the inhabitants of Ukraine were angered by the joke of the Prime Minister of Slovakia. In social networks, they criticized the politician, considering his statement a claim to foreign territories.

The incident occurred when, during an interview, Matovic was asked what Russia could get for the vaccine. Matovich jokingly replied that he was ready to transfer the Transcarpathian Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

The statement was commented on by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, accusing the Slovak prime minister of wanting to spoil friendly relations between the countries. Also, the ministry summoned the Charge d’Affaires of Slovakia in Kiev Matusz Korbe, protesting him.

On March 1, it was reported that Slovakia had registered the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. On the same day, it became known that Slovakia is probably starting to use the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, without waiting for the drug to be registered in the EMA.

On June 29, 1945, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia signed an agreement, according to which the Transcarpathian Ukraine became part of the Ukrainian SSR.

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  1. Matovič and his party was elected on an ‘anti-corruption’ ticket, but last year he admitted to plagiarizing his masters’ thesis. Just another liar and closet putlerite turd. Not to be trusted.

    • Zakarpatska Oblast was established on 22 January 1946, after the resignation of Czechoslovakia on the territory of Subcarpathian Ruthenia (Czech: Podkarpatská Rus), annexed forcibly by the Soviet Union and attached to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, under a treaty between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. Some scholars say that during the Ukrainian independence referendum held in 1991, Zakarpatska Oblast voters were given a separate option on whether or not they favoured autonomy for the region.[7] Although a large majority favoured autonomy, it was not granted.[7] However, this referendum was about self-government status, not about autonomy (like in Crimea).

      I think it’s a wound that did not heal. So, i would see the Prime’s ‘joke’ in this context. The soviets stole land from many countries, and RuSSia continues this tradition to this day.

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