H&M to open first store in Kharkiv in Nikolsky shopping mall


Swedish retailer H&M will open its first store in Kharkiv in May 2021 in new Nikolsky shopping mall, expanding its chain in Ukraine to six outlets, the retailer’s press service said.

The total area of the store is 2,100 square meters, of which about 1,700 square meters are shopping area. This is the sixth store of the chain in Ukraine and the first outside the Ukrainian capital.

“We see a high interest in the H&M brand in the regions and therefore are pleased to announce the opening of a store in Nikolsky shopping center in Kharkiv. I am sure that Kharkiv residents will appreciate both a wide range of goods and a modern store concept,” H&M Ukraine CEO Dominik Fantachino said.

According to H&M, the space of the store will differ from other stores of the chain in Ukraine with an updated interior concept. Buyers can expect a wide range of women’s, men’s, teenage and children’s clothing.

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        • It seems that Norway has to close down again too. 45% more cases last week and it’s Oslo and the surroundings that are hardest hit. The border is still closed from both sides. The deaths / 1 million in Norway is now 116, still low compared to most other countries. Sweden 1278, Denmark 408.

          A friend of Alina and her husband got covid so we’ve been living 14 days inside our walls 🙁

          • Been through that with my Oksana. But i’m working again. Got a job in a supermarket. After my store went bankrupt not really a burner but still an improvement, since i can pay our bills. 😉

            • Good to hear Mike! Money isn’t all that matter. I had a friend that was a billionaire that committed suicide when he was 40

      • What a coincidence! I know a Karlstadt in Germany. Karlstadt am Main, to be exact.

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