Ukraine Army accepts for service new domestic-made large-caliber rifle Alligator (Video)

All of the rifle’s parts have been produced in Ukraine, the press service

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have accepted for service a long-range magazine-fed anti-materiel 14.5×114mm rifle, Alligator.

That’s according to the Defense Ministry press service.

“The main task of the large-caliber Alligator is to engage the enemy’s fortified positions and hardware, including light armored vehicles,” the report reads.

All of the rifle’s parts have been produced in Ukraine, the press service notes. rifle specifications

  • Caliber: 14.5×114 mm;
  • Muzzle velocity: 980 mps;
  • Effective firing range: 2,000 m;
  • Maximum firing range: 7,000 m;
  • At 1,500, a bullet penetrates a 10-mm armor plate;
  • Length: 2,000 mm, barrel length: 1,200 mm; and
  • Mass (without magazine and cartridges): 22.5 kg.


The rifle is designed taking into account all the requirements for high-precision weapons. Barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt. The rifle has a bullpup design. The floating barrel is in free recoil when the bullet flies out, which provides greater accuracy of the bullet hit. The rifle demonstrates an acceptable level of recoil during shooting. Recoil is suppressed due to the muzzle brake, the effect of a recoil isolator, an elastic multilayer shoulder pad, and optimally balanced weight, as per Wikipedia.

The rifle has a height-adjustable cheek rest, which can be positioned for right- or left-handed shooting, i.e., it is suitable for both right- and left-handed shooters. For ease of aiming, the rifle is equipped with a folding bipod and adjustable rear support, allowing for fine adjustment to the shooter.

The rifle has a Picatinny rail with 35 MOA gradient, on which various sighting devices can be mounted.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • Looks a real beauty!

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  • англійський масон

    Looks and sounds good.

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  • stanleyankiewicz

    The rifle demonstrates an acceptable level of recoil during shooting.

    Look at the video…. this thing kicks like a mule, think of a 12 guage shotgun and multiply by about 5.
    I once shot a 50 cal Barrett the real pain is the muzzle blast itself. The concussion generated by accelerating a 640–750gr projectile to 2700+ fps is enormous. Anyone within 20yds should stand directly behind the shooter where the blast is felt the least. It will still rattle your teeth and take your breath away if you’re not expecting it, but If you are left or right of this thing by even a foot, the over pressure will feel like you got kicked in the chest by a mule, then hit by a truck.
    You have to shoot with your mouth opened to equalize the massive pressure change that occurs that would/could burst blood vessels in your eyes !

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Not only for anti-material, I’m certain. This thing will also put fear into the thug snipers.

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  • Start mass producing today please. A few hundreds to start………..

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  • Nice elephant rifle!

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