“There is no one else…” State Border Guard Service of Ukraine debunked fakes about Russian “humanitarian convoys” for CADLO

One of the widespread fakes actively spread by Russia is assertion that only Russia is providing the residents of CADLO with the necessary humanitarian aid. These statements are being refuted by the data provided by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Russia is openly speculating on the topic of humanitarian aid for the occupied Donbas. “Politicians (Russian – OstroV) often assert that the Russian Federation is sending humanitarian convoys there one after another. Because if not Russia, then no one else will do it”, – the SBGSU recalled the statements recently made by press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

In fact, according to the border guards, the volume of humanitarian aid supplied to CADLO from the UNHCR and the International Committee of the Red Cross and other European donors significantly exceeds the supply from Russia.

For example, Ukrainian border guards registered 76 convoys with humanitarian supplies from the Red Cross and the UNHCR for Refugees, the UNICEF UN Children’s Fund and other organizations at the checkpoints last year. “Almost 3.5 thousand trucks delivered more than 4.6 thousand tons of aid to the temporarily occupied part of the Ukrainian Donbas, including 1.9 thousand tons of food sets, more than 200 tons of medical supplies, more than 470 tons of hygiene products, as well as household goods, industrial, electrical goods, equipment, household chemicals, dishes, seeds, etc. “, – the SBGSU message says.

Only 5 convoys of 64 trucks entered CADLO from Russia during the same period of last year in violation of international law.

“Figures and facts show that Russia and its officials, to put it mildly, are cunning”, – the border service summarizes.

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  1. The number of ‘Aid’ Lorries arriving from the shithole is irrelevant when all they carry in is weapons.

    The only good news is that they are not usually empty when they leave.

  2. The only aids that mafia land provides are weapons and ammo for its troops and thugs. Otherwise, anything of value is carted out … that and its dead meat.

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