“Everyone there is not happy about Navalny’s appearance.” In “Russia Sitting” told about Navalny’s arrival in the colony

Inmates of colony No. 2 in the town of Pokrov, Vladimir Region, confirmed that politician Alexei Navalny was taken to this correctional institution.

Those serving sentences in IK-2 told Ruslan Vakhapov, a member of the Sitting Rus Foundation, that the arrival of a new group of convicts, which included Alexei Navalny, was different from how such a procedure usually goes.

As Vakhapov told Open Media, the “stage acceptance” was carried out strictly according to the internal regulations and no one was beaten. As a rule, Open Media writes, convicts who have just arrived at IK-2 could have been hit immediately at the exit from the paddy wagon on their way to a search.

The prisoners in IK-2, according to Vakhapov, fear that after Navalny’s arrival in the colony, the regime may be toughened.

“Zeks are frightened by the unknown, everyone there is not happy about Navalny’s appearance – they only have a better life in prison, and now they can tighten the screws,” he said.

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