The plot against Navalny

The Power Vertical

Aleksei Navalny, it appears, has just been canceled – by Amnesty International.

The venerable human rights organization this week moved to strip the Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner of his “prisoner of conscience” status over nationalist and xenophobic remarks he made in the past. 

And the move apparently came following a coordinated online campaign by Kremlin surrogates and RT journalists.

What does this mean for Navalny? And what does it say about the ability of Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian regime’s to manipulate Western institutions? On this week’s Power Vertical Podcast, host Brian Whitmore discusses these issues with Ilya Zaslavskiy, a Senior Fellow at the Free Russia Foundation, and journalist and Kremlin-watcher Casey Michel, author of the forthcoming book American Kleptocracy.

Click here for the full podcast:

The Plot Against Navalny


  • Brian and his guests discuss their incredulity at Amnesty International yet again acting in the interests of the Russian state.
    Their people are so stupid that they don’t even know they’re being played. Absurdly, they have in the past granted prisoner of conscience status to people far worse than Nav.
    A ploy by the kremlin nazi regime has succeeded yet again in hiding from the west the obvious fact that it is they who are far more rabid nationalists than Navalny.

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  • We are all islamophobes, open or covert, because we care about freedom, justice, and gender equality. Kadyrov had Nemtsov killed for his consequent opposition to islamofascism. Amnesty International is an amnesty for Putin and ISIS.

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    • Were you perhaps intending your comment to appear on the Killing for the Kremlin post? In such a high security area, no assassins would be able to operate without state approval. That bridge was chosen because Boris would have felt safe and would have been off his guard. It may or may not have been Chechens that gunned him down; we won’t know because the security cams were mysteriously offline. But it was undoubtedly a putler-sanctioned hit. The reason was that Boris was about to expose information about Russian military on the ground in Donbas; thus exposing putler’s lies. And also the interview with Anthony Bordain. Brave though it was, it was also incredibly reckless.
      I wish he had fled when he had the chance. It was a terrible loss for the free world.

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  • The torture camp where Navalny now is staying.
    Does not look very nice………………………


  • The torture camp where Navalny now is staying.
    Does not look a pleasant place…………

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