The media reported about the transfer of Navalny to a colony in the Vladimir region

Oppositionist Alexei Navalny will serve his sentence in correctional colony No. 2 in the town of Pokrov, Vladimir Region. This was reported by the edition “Yarnovosti” with reference to a source in the Federal Penitentiary Service.

Mediazona’s source said that the politician was in the Vladimir region on Friday, February 26, and that he was being taken to IK-2.

In the same colony, activist Konstantin Kotov, convicted under the so-called “Dada” article, was serving his sentence .

Updated . Information about the transfer of Navalny to IK-2 in the Vladimir region was 

confirmed by a TASS source. Konstantin Kotov’s lawyer Maria Eismont told Open Media that it was “a very regime colony … in which everything is aimed at making a person feel completely dependent on the administration and have practically no free time.”

In IK-2 Pokrova, RIA Novosti was told that they did not have information about Navalny’s transfer to them, and also did not disclose information about the convicts.

On February 25, it became known that Navalny was being convoyed from the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center. The exact colony was not reported. On February 26, the Telegram channel LifeShot reported that the politician was taken to IK-6 in Kolomna, but this was denied in the colony itself .

On February 2, the Simonovsky Court of Moscow replaced Navalny’s suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case with a real one. The Moscow City Court on February 20 recognized the verdict as legal, after which it entered into force. Taking into account the time spent in the pre-trial detention center and under house arrest, Navalny will have to spend two and a half years in the colony.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in mid-February demanded that the Russian authorities release Navalny, indicating in its decision that the life of the politician is in danger. Russia did not comply with the ECHR’s requirement. FSIN director Alexander Kalashnikov said that “there is no threat to [Navalny’s] health and life.”

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