McDonald’s will return to Mariupol?

The world’s largest fast food chain McDonald’s plans to return to Mariupol. Representatives of the institution applied to the municipality for permission to develop a land management project. It is planned to place it on the site of an abandoned fountain on the Greek Square.

This became known during the plenary session of the IV session of the Mariupol City Council. This issue caused a heated discussion among the present deputies. Representatives of the parties “Power of People” and the PLO have opposed the entry of a large public catering network into the center of Mariupol. However, the majority of the deputies, in particular the Bloc of Vadim Boychenko and “Servant of the People”, supported this draft decision.

According to the deputy mayor Alexander Kochurin, the issue concerns only the granting of permission for the development of a land management project. Representatives of the company will develop a visualization project with reference to the site and submit it for consideration to the members of the executive committee. The final decision – whether McDonald’s will be built in Mariupol or not – will be made there.

“The struggle has been going on for six years to return international networks, be it KFC or McDonadles, to Mariupol. Nobody will be against – neither families, nor children. If we want McDonald’s to return to our city, then we need to vote, “Alexander Kochurin explained.

He also added that with the opening of this network in Mariupol, about 50 jobs will be created.

Nikolai Trofimenko, a deputy from the Bloc Vadim Boychenko party, stressed that the presence of McDonald’s in the city is an international indicator of a factor of growth and stability.

“The international network that plans to return to the city is an indicator and signal for investment, for development and cooperation with the community where this network is located. You can work with the person who submitted this draft decision to preserve the plants. But this network must go into the city. This will contribute to our further projects, investment in the city. Moreover, the residents of Mariupol are waiting for the return of this particular network, ”Nikolai Trofimenko noted.

Deputy Oksana Grinko reminded those present that in Lviv “McDonald’s” is located in the very center. And such placement of it does not cause displeasure in anyone.

As a result, the project was supported by the majority of deputies – 29 of them voted “For”.

Earlier it was reported that residents of Mariupol asked to return the largest fast food chains to the city.

“Send official invitations from the city council to the largest top fast food chains McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza and assist in obtaining a shopping place in large shopping centers in the city of Mariupol or other convenient places for the city,” the author wrote.

He also noted that the opening of popular Ukrainian establishments in the city will help Mariupol receive additional income from taxes and create new jobs.


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  1. Great!
    It would send out a really good signal if Maccy D’s would withdraw completely from putlerstan and invest heavily in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

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