Sobyanin proposed to stop voting on the monument on Lubyanka – and not to choose between Alexander Nevsky and Felix Dzerzhinsky

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin proposed to leave Lubyanskaya Square unchanged and to stop voting on the installation of a monument on the square. He announced this in his blog.

After two days of voting, the supporters of Alexander Nevsky won by a small margin, but it is still obvious that public opinion was roughly divided in half. And the voting itself is increasingly turning into a confrontation between people holding different views. And that’s not very good. For this kind of decision, in my opinion, more people’s consent is required.

Sobyanin thanked everyone who actively participated in this discussion and asked them to agree with this decision. “To tell the truth, we have a huge number of more topical topics today. And we will probably come back to this issue and together we will make a correct and reasonable decision, ”added the mayor of Moscow.

On the site of the Active Citizen project, where the voting took place, it is said that the poll of Muscovites on the choice of the monument was stopped on February 26. In two days, almost 320 thousand people voted: 55% of them voted for the monument to Alexander Nevsky, 45% – for the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky.

According  to an Open Media source close to the Moscow Mayor’s Office, the issue of installing the monument was removed from the agenda at the request of the Kremlin.

It was decided to vote on the choice of a monument in Lubyanka after some bloggers, writers, as well as the public organization “Officers of Russia” proposed to restore a monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky in Lubyanka.

The monument to Dzerzhinsky stood on the Lubyanka from 1958 to 1991. It was dismantled at the request of Muscovites in August 1991 after an unsuccessful coup attempt. Since then, the monument has been kept in the Muzeon Park on Krymsky Val.

The BBC Russian Service reported , citing sources, that the Russian presidential administration and the Moscow mayor’s office support the installation of a monument to Alexander Nevsky at Lubyanka instead of returning the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky.

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  1. The ‘wrong’ guy nearly won. Nevsky. So they stopped the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But still 45% of Moscow voted for Dzerzhinsky………………..Unbelievable!

    • I also find it unbelievable. That’s like the krauts voting for Himmler. This proves it beyond any doubt that the Ruskies are a sick people.
      Or, they are very badly educated on history.

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