Russia to allow Donbas residents to vote in State Duma elections

Russia wants to allow residents of the territories of the Donbas, which are not under Ukraine’s control, to vote in the elections to the State Duma in autumn 2021, reported the press service of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation.

The Russian officials specified that these holders of the Russian passports will have an opportunity to vote at their chosen polling station if they were registered.

Also, the CEC of the Russian Federation said that it will be possible to vote at “special” polling stations, provided for the voting of such persons.

According to the CEC this will be done similar to the voting on the amendments to the Russian Constitution in 2020, during which 12 “special” precincts were used in the Rostov region for those who do not reside in the territory of Russia. Then, Russian authorities organized transportation of voters from the Donbas to these poling stations.

Ukraine condemned the fact that Russia involved the residents of the Donbas and Crimea in the vote on amendments to Russian Constitution.

On April 24, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree making it easier for residents of certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to obtain Russian citizenship.

The Ukrainian authorities called these actions “a new round of aggression and occupation of the Ukrainian sovereignty, as well as a violation of the Minsk agreements”. Kyiv called on international partners to respond by increasing sanctions against Russia.

According to the latest data, more than 600,000 residents of the Donbas received Russian passports.

(C)UAWIRE 2021


  • Great patriotic wave rolling today, but Ukraine needs to come to terms with RuSSia, since Ukraine can neither withstand a full-scale ruSSian invasion, nor has enough military support to reconquer the Crimea. Ukraine either will surrender the Crimea or be tortured for decades to come. The marxists in the West won’t save Ukraine. I’m hoping for a future government that lives in the real world, providing (painful) realistic solutions. But i fear Ukraine will end up like Armenia in the long run.

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  • “The Ukrainian authorities called these actions ‘a new round of aggression and occupation of the Ukrainian sovereignty, as well as a violation of the Minsk agreements’.”
    Why doesn’t Ukraine simply announce the Minsk agreements to be defunct? In every way possible, it is a dead horse, roasting in the sun, rotting, stinking and being eaten by maggots and vultures.

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