Poland calls on Russia to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity


Warsaw has called on Moscow to take needed actions to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and compensate for losses inflicted in the occupied territories.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Zbigniew Rau wrote this on Twitter, Ukrinform reports.

“For 7 years Crimea and Donbas have remained under Russian occupation. Poland stands by the victims and urges Russia to comply with international law, to restore territorial integrity of Ukraine and to compensate for human rights abuses on the occupied territories,” he wrote.

As reported, Poland has supported the Revolution of Dignity from its very beginning. In the international arena, Warsaw has actively opposed the occupation of Crimea and the Kremlin’s war in Donbas

On February 20, the seventh anniversary of the beginning of mass shootings on the Maidan, commemorative events took place in Kyiv and abroad to honor the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.

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