Medvedchuk’s wife announces intention to go into politics


Oksana Marchenko, the wife of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada member representing the Opposition Platform – For Life party faction, Viktor Medvedchuk, has announced her intention to go into politics for “the protection of the Ukrainian people.”

“Until yesterday I was the wife and the mother of his [Medvedchuk’s] children. But you forced me to take the political weapon in order to stand beside my husband and work towards our common goal as a single front. Now you’re getting not only Medvedchuk, but also Marchenko, although I did not aspire to go into politics. You left me no choice. Today, I’m joining the Opposition Platform – For Life party, where I see the protection of the Ukrainian people as my main task,” Marchenko said in a video address published on her YouTube channel.

At the same time, she described her and her husband Medvedchuk as “law abiding citizens” and “the future of Ukraine.”

According to her, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, alongside his team and the Shefir brothers, visited her house in 2003, seeking help with employment, and received it then.

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  • Yeah. Protecting ukrainians by robbing them, by dumping toxic and nuclear waste on their soil, by stealing their land, toilets and water, and by prohibiting them to speak their native ukrainian language.

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  • Of course she should go into politics. In fucking Russia, with the rest of that putinazi collaborator party. Why doesn’t Zel give them a hand: send them all to their true motherland and they can lick their tiny fuhrer’s tiny jackboots whenever they want.

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  • Why traitors are allowed to go in politica in Ukraine.?

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    • англійський масон

      It shows that despite all of the claims spewed out from the shithole, Ukraine is a free and democratic Country, that doesn’t poison, assist in the suicide of, or imprison Political opponents.

      It also provides a great illustration of which Countries in the World which claim to be democratic and hold free, fair and honest elections but in reality aren’t.

      I’m thinking of those which hold ‘elections’ in Countries where they have no right to.

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  • If Medvedchuk is the future of Ukraine, then Ukraine has no future.

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