VTsIOM asked the Russians who they consider to be real men. It turned out – Putin and Lanovoy. And more Khabensky

On the eve of the holiday on February 23, VTsIOM asked the residents of Russia which of their famous compatriots they consider to be real men.

More often than others, Russians called the names of President Vladimir Putin and the  recently deceased actor Vasily Lanovoy (9% each). The third most popular real man was the actor Konstantin Khabensky, who was named by 6% of the respondents. Politicians Alexei Navalny and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, ministers Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu, singers Iosif Kobzon, Lev Leshchenko, Vladimir Vysotsky, among others, were named by 2% of respondents.

Moreover, 45% of the respondents found it difficult to answer the question at all.

Among the qualities most valuable in men, 19% of Russians named honesty, 14% – reliability, 9% – fairness, 7% – masculinity and courage. According to Russians, a real man should take care of his family (18%) and be a protector (8%). 

(c)MEDUZA 2021


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