Ukraine’s new official website


  • англійський масон

    Thanks for posting this Scradge, it could become useful to me once we start to return to normal life.

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  • A very beautiful site. Yet it fails to mention the situation in Donbas and Crimea. And the map does not highlight it either. To provide tourists and investors with a safe environment, the site should outline the no-go-areas, same as the city of Sydney warns about the Redfern neighborhood for example. Except for that, it looks promising.

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    • I agree it’s a beautiful site. I think it makes the safe assumption that anyone with a serious interest in Ukraine for either investment or touristic reasons will know about the presence of filthy invaders in certain specific areas. It does make oblique reference to the struggle for dignity and freedom though. It also justifiably says ‘feel safe and be out guest’. Nice touch!
      Where I think they could go a bit further is on providing more detail on investment potential. There is also no mention of commercial or domestic property investment opportunities, which is always an area that foreign investors want to know about.

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