Germany continues to support Nordstream 2 pipeline


Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) continues to support the German government’s position in the dispute with the USA over the Baltic Sea pipeline.

“We actually said everything on the subject,” a German press agency quotes the SPD politician.

Nord Stream 2 is certainly one of the more difficult topics because there are positions on both sides that have not yet been changed, Maas told the news portal “ThePioneer” on Friday before the start of the Munich Security Conference.

In addition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), US President Joe Biden also spoke at the world’s most important expert meeting on security policy.

The top priority is “to create the conditions so that this pipeline can be built to the end,” the Federal Foreign Minister added.

The leader of the SPD parliamentary group, Rolf Mützenich, also speaks out against giving in. “Stopping the pipeline now (..) a few kilometers before completion would be counterproductive and would not be of any use,” writes Mützenich in a guest post for “Focus Online”.

Nord Stream 2 must not become an “investment ruin in the Baltic Sea”. At the same time he warned of billions in compensation claims by the operating companies. What is needed is a realistic Russia policy that goes beyond the “cheap clichés of Cold Warriors and those who understand Russia”.

The gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, which is two times 1,200 kilometers long, is 94 percent completed. The US is still trying to stop them with sanctions.

The Americans justify their rejection of the project on the grounds that their European partners are too dependent on Russian gas.

Pipeline proponents, however, accuse the US of only wanting to sell their liquefied gas better in Europe.

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