World leaders wonder who is running America’s foreign policy

By Monica Showalter. February 17, 2021

With Kamala Harris taking calls from foreign leaders now, less than one month into the Joe Biden presidency, and Joe’s spokesweasel Jen Psaki saying Joe won’t be taking foreign visitors, it’s pretty obvious that foreign leaders are wondering: who the heck is running America?  Why can’t Joe come to the phone?  Is the Biden “transitional” presidency really a “regency”?

The signs of it are all over.  Here’s a list of how bad it is, starting with America’s allies:

Israel: After Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave Biden an early congratulatory call over the phone for his “victory,” the locals are now wondering if the Biden administration is “ghosting” them.  Three weeks into his term, he’s called practically everyone but Israel.  No calls to Bibi.  Israel’s foreign policy establishment is ready to call it a “full blown snub.”  And with open anti-Semites like Rep. Ilhan “all about the benjamins” Omar now promoted by Joe’s Democrats to a top spot at the House committee on foreign affairs, there’s reason to think there’s something nasty going on.  They are indeed wondering who’s running the show.  

Taiwan: Taiwan’s leader, too, gave Biden an early congratulatory call and within days got a Chinese communist incursion into its airspace.  Biden threw out some tough words, but apparently nothing else, and obviously, the Taiwanese are concerned, even as they cross their fingers.  According to Wang Hao, a Taiwanese local commentator quoted by NPR:

WANG: I think that public opinion in Taiwan obviously is willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

RUWITCH: The benefit of the doubt for now at least. John Ruwitch, NPR News.

That isn’t exactly a resounding vote of confidence, such as President Trump got, cited earlier in the report.

Saudi Arabia: No normal diplomacy — just diplomacy by digs and undercutting action is all the Saudis are seeing, and they’re noticing.  Biden cut off aid to Yemen, which allows the Houthi rebels supported by Iran a field day and undercuts Saudi Arabia.  As for Saudi Arabia, Biden had called for making the Saudis “the pariah that they are” and vows to deal only with the kingdom’s elderly retired King Salman instead of the desert kingdom’s actual man on the job, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is not without missteps but certainly has made the country generally better, allowing women to drive and releasing prisoners, as well as taking significant steps to befriend Israel and check Iran.  No phone calls, of course.  Don’t be surprised if he’s puzzled at best.

Ukraine: Biden doesn’t want to touch this one, and Ukraine’s leaders are antsy.  According to The National Interest:

For weeks now, Zelenskyy has sent numerous private and public messages; call me! He desperately wants a phone call with the new president.

He isn’t getting one, given young Hunter’s ties with Burisma and the criminal probe presumably still happening around it.  Zekensky tried to get Biden’s attention with a long interview with Axios, which, as a coincidence, is run by Evan Ryan, a Clinton Foundation deputy chair for “governance” and Axios co-founder.  She just happens to be secretary of state Tony Blinken’s wife.  See how these things work?

Colombia: Lucky Colombia. After expending decades of blood and treasure on eradicating Marxist narco-terrorist cocaine kingpins and all their drug profits, Colombia learns that Joe Biden wants to end the “war on drugs.”  Colombians tried the globalist approach with the election of its last president, Juan Manuel Santos, and reverted back to the nation’s conservative norm with the election of Ivan Duque, who’s moved heaven and earth to wipe out the cocaine crop.  Colombia can’t get its phone calls returned, and that’s weird stuff, given that Joe used to call the Colombian president all the time back when he was President Obama’s vice president.  Colombia’s cordial and conservative ambassador, Francisco Santos, is a former vice president, so all the more reason for Joe to talk to the Colombians.  But he won’t.  And the signals that Colombia’s getting are pretty nasty — Joe is ordering them around.  According to Colombia Reports:

A press release by Blinken’s spokesperson Ned Price made it clear that US President Joe Biden’s priorities would require major policy changes from his far-right Colombian counterpart Ivan Duque.

The secretary of state said the US government will help Bogota “as it extends the benefits of peace throughout the country” and ensures “the protection of human rights.”

Good luck with that one — we know what these endless demands lead to.  Worse still, Biden will yank their drug-fighting aid and cut them off at the knees on the matter of Colombia’s being flooded with Venezuelan refugees.  You bet they’re wondering.

Now let’s look at opponents and rivals in assorted hellholes:

China: China’s leaders have been officious, quick to tell us what is best for us, sounding as though Biden’s their dog and they’re cracking the whip.  Stuff like this (emphasis mine) is what’s coming out, according to the Associated Press:  

“I think after this very difficult and extraordinary time, both the Chinese and American people deserve a better future,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters at a daily briefing. 

She said China and the U.S. need to relaunch cooperation in a number of areas. She particularly welcomed the new administration’s decision to remain in the World Health Organization and return to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

“Many people of insight in the international community are looking forward to the early return of Sino-U.S. relations to the correct track in making due contributions to jointly address the major and urgent challenges facing the world today,” Hua said.

The oppressors of Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and beyond are telling us what’s best for us, being all concerned for the welfare of the American people, you see.  Compassionate bunch.  Anybody believe that one?  With Biden’s son on their string as the Chinese professor said, and yet to “unwind” his big Chinese investment that has brought him party-favor diamonds, it sounds pretty fishy.

The Chicom officiousness continues with their idea of what “the correct track” is for U.S.-China relations, with just one country making that determination. you see.  It’s not the one represented by Old Joe.  Meanwhile, their praise of America’s entry to the WHO and the Paris climate agreement reeks of self-interest.  The WHO is completely controlled and corrupted by China, while Paris requires America to destroy its economy while China, the world’s biggest polluter, sits on its hands.  Sounds like just the foreign policy that China wants.  Walking dog Biden seems awfully convenient.

Cuba: The military dictatorship in Havana is holding its cards tight to its vest, and a search for “Biden” in its most prominent state-controlled media turns up zero. It made a tight statement about how it “continues to believe in the possibility of a constructive bilateral relationship where our differences are respected” (pay no attention to those torture chamber) and continues to rave about the flimsy U.S. embargo, as well as extricating itself from charges that it engaged in sonic attacks on the U.S. embassy in Havana, something that suggests it wants Biden to re-open it. Granma spews amazing and grotesque lies about Cuba’s dissidents (I read them so you don’t have to, they are disgusting and can’t be unread). They also rave a lot about NGOs and the king of them, George Soros‘ Open Society Foundation, coming for them, something that’s a new one, but hopefully keeping them busy. Otherwise, a lot of radio silence, nothing about sucking up to Biden, several statement about support for China. Biden has sent signals about not going back to the Obama hog wallow that made Cuba’s brutal regime so rich and happy, but there is said to be interest in returning the bucks to Cuba’s military, which is what his lift of remittance restrictions will do. Lucky Cuba. Cuba, however, does have allies and proxies. One that appears to be in this category is a leftist NGO called “Cuba Study Group,” which called on assessing the “effectiveness” of sanctions on Cuba’s brutal military rulers, which appears to be an overture to lifting them, complete with helpful talking points. Another Cuba apologist is Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass). He’s calling for prisoner swaps and is undoubtedly pleased, as are Cuba’s rulers, at Biden’s vow to shut down Guantanamo and bring the terrorists to U.S. soil, where leftist judges and prosecutors will find a way to let them out. It sounds like Cuba’s letting its useful fools in the states take the lead.

Venezuela: For Venezuela’s Marxist tyrants, they’re hearing tough words and shouting their own insults back, but in reality, it’s gravy time for them with Biden. Latest news is that with Biden shutting down U.S. energy pipeline construction, he’s planning to make America dependent on foreign oil, and sure enough, that includes Venezuela. Surprise, surprise, the energy trade press is reporting that Biden is planning to lift the embargo on Venezuelan oil, put in there by President Trump. Millions of dollars to the Maduro dictatorship will flow. Sound fine for us? It’s fine for them.

Iran: Like many of his foreign policy statements, Biden is all bluster and bee ess. Iran’s mullahs, though, are looking for better times, with a pro-Iran writer writing in a column at Business Times that Biden’s choice of personnel are more important, and his early decisions to move a U.S. aircraft carrier out of the Persian Gulf as well as cut off arms sales to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, made Biden’s Iran policy “better than Biden makes it sound.” Better for whom? You decide.

And there are plenty more of these mixed signals, all of which make world leaders, friendly and unfriendly, wonder who the heck is running things – Omar, Kamala, Biden, or the swamp?

All in all, this isn’t the ‘America’s back’ approach that Biden promised.


  • ‘For weeks now, Zelenskyy has sent numerous private and public messages; call me! He desperately wants a phone call with the new president.’
    Just above that quote is a hyperlink to the article.
    Joe Shmoe has so far avoided foreign policy, apart from that disastrous Town Hall event when he came close to justifying chicom genocide of the Uighurs. So far he has not answered Zel’s very reasonable question: ‘why aren’t we in Nato?’
    His powerful VP is a hard left cheerleader for Marxist street thugs such as blm/antifa. Is she going to give a shit about Ukraine? I guess we’ll soon find out.

    Liked by 4 people

  • ‘And with open anti-Semites like Rep. Ilhan “all about the benjamins” Omar now promoted by Joe’s Democrats to a top spot at the House committee on foreign affairs, there’s reason to think there’s something nasty going on.’
    Omar is a perfect example of the alliance between the Trotskyist far left and the Islamic far right. What she is doing in the government of a country that is the most successful in history and is supposed to be a beacon for freedom is hard to understand.

    Liked by 4 people

  • America is back! 😂

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  • He voted against the 1991 Gulf War, in which the United States and a broad multinational coalition quickly achieved their goals, and in favor of the 2003 Iraq War, and regretted both votes. Years into hostilities, he opposed the troop surges that brought some stability to both Iraq and Afghanistan and even insisted that “the Taliban per se is not our enemy.” He argued for carving Iraq into sectarian statelets even as Iraqis voted for cross-sectarian political lists. And he opposed the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Perhaps for that reason, Biden was seldom a major force in American foreign and defense policy during more than three decades in the Senate—even though he served as the chairman of its Foreign Relations Committee. But he has shown an embarrassing tendency to embellish his contributions, such as claiming he was responsible for ending genocide in Bosnia.

    Liked by 4 people

    • He has an astonishing track record of utter mediocrity. However, it wasn’t always so: in his early days he sounded like a statesman. In the following vid he demonstrated a heartwarming support for Britain during the Falklands crisis before Ron Reagan had come out in our support. There is none of the ‘c’mon man’ bullshit; he is rock solid. Yet just a few years later he became an IRA supporter with views similar to Ted Kennedy. Baffling. :-

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  • Well Since Sleepy Joe:
    Dodged the draft by paying a doctor to fake a diagnosis of bone spurs in a collage level athlete.
    Failed in business three times (That’s what filing bankruptcy is you know, failure)
    Failed three times in marriage (That’s what divorce is.)
    Paid tens of thousands of dollars to hush up prostitutes (which is failure to be able to pick up women. Even when your rich.)
    Held a secret meeting with Putin where he swore his loyalty to the dwarf.
    Didn’t put his lawyers in front of a Federal judge and claim the president is immune to ALL investigations and prosecutions.

    Didn’t undermining the US in the eyes of Ukraine with an attempted blackmail.
    Succeeded in NOT preventing the further spread of Russian influence in the world.
    He didn’t veto sanctions against Russia. (even though it was over turned by the Congress.
    And has never in his career sparked an insurrection against the US and occupant the Capital building. (Hay that was a accomplishment by Trump! Not even Hilar, The communists, Osama bin Ladin, or ISIS managed to accomplish that!)
    So, warts and all Joe is an improvement.

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    • Biden is Pepto-Bismol to Trumpian heartburn, yogurt and oatmeal to the politically dyspeptic, the genial uncle who somehow keeps the family from exploding around the Thanksgiving table.

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