Ukraine NSDC hits sanctions on Putin’s ally Medvedchuk

A total of 19 entities, five aircraft, and eight individuals have been sanctioned in the latest move.Photo from UNIAN, Volodymyr StumkovskyPhoto from UNIAN, Volodymyr Stumkovsky

The National Security and Defense Council at its meeting on Friday, February 19, imposed a package of sanctions on an MP with the pro-Russian OPZzh party Viktor Medvedchuk, a major political ally in Ukraine of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

His wife Oksana Marchenko, as well as on a number of affiliated persons, have also been sanctioned, that’s according to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

“A meeting of the National Security and Defense Council has just ended, where a decision was made on the relevant sanctions against Mr Medvedchuk, [his wife] Oksana Marchenko, and several other persons affiliated with Medvedchuk’s holding,” Avakov said.

Speaking at a briefing, NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov said a total of 19 entities and eight individuals have been sanctioned in the latest move, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

All property and assets owned by Mr Medvedchuk and his wife are subject to sanctions, Danilov elaborated to a clarifying question.

The list also includes Russian nationals Vitaly Donchenko, Alexander Maslyuk, and Mikhail Popov, and Konstantin Vatskovsky, as well as two Ukrainian citizens Natalia Lavrenik and Serhiy Lisohor.

Five aircraft and companies involved in operating them have also been sanctioned for flying to Russia despite the existing ban, Danilov said, according to the BBC.

Security officials accuse Medvedchuk of “financing terrorism”, as per Article 258 Part 5 of the Criminal Code, Romanenko added.

Ban on pro-Russian TV channels

President Volodymyr Zelensky on February 2 enacted a package of sanctions put forward by the National Security and Defense Council, effectively blocking a number of media assets, including 112 Ukraine, ZIK, and NewsOne TV channels that had been multiple times accused of preaching pro-Russian rhetoric, formally owned by Taras Kozak – an MP and ally of Vladimir Putin’s crony Viktor Medvedchuk.

Commenting on own move, President Zelensky said he strongly supports freedom of speech, but not “propaganda financed by the aggressor country.”

SBU security service chief Ivan Bakanov said, “There is a big difference between freedom of speech and outright anti-Ukrainian rhetoric. Freedom of speech ends where signs appear of encroachment on territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”

U.S. diplomats in Ukraine have supported the move and called for joint efforts “to prevent disinformation from being deployed as a weapon in an information war against sovereign states.”

Meanwhile, the European Union’s External Service said it was “assessing the implications” of the ban on TV channels.

Following the ban on pro-Russian TV channels, NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov said the authorities could introduce restrictive measures against more media assets if evidence was found proving they worked to the detriment of Ukraine’s national security, playing in the hands of the adversary.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • Finally! Not before time, Putin’s crony has got what he deserves. Let’s hear the whining from the Kremlin.

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  • Zelensky hits Medvedchuk??????????????????????????????????????????? Now Zelensky starts to irritate Putin for the second time in a week……………..

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  • May be it was a condition from the IMF to get the next tranche hahaha

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  • Security officials accuse Medvedchuk of “financing terrorism”, as per Article 258 Part 5 of the Criminal Code, Romanenko added.
    Sounds at last a trial against this person is coming!

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  • According to Danilov, companies registered in the territory of Russia, as well as companies, parts of which are registered in Moldova and other countries, fell under the sanctions.

    He said the sanctions were also imposed on five aircraft on which flights were carried out on the Kyiv-Moscow route.

    The NSDC decision is put into effect by the presidential decree. There is no information about such a decree yet.

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  • The full list of Russians sanctioned by the NSDC.

    Konstantin Vatskovsky ( citizen of the Russian Federation);
    Vitaly Donchenko ( citizen of the Russian Federation);
    Natalya Lavrenyuk ( common- law wife of Taras Kozak);
    Sergey Lisogor ( citizen of the Russian Federation);
    Oksana Marchenko ( wife of Viktor Medvedchuk);
    Alexander Maslyuk ( citizen of the Russian Federation);
    Viktor Medvedchuk ( leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life;
    Mikhail Popov ( citizen of the Russian Federation).

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  • Very good!!! Zelensky is finally growing a set of balls. They are still peanuts, but they are there.

    “Meanwhile, the European Union’s External Service said it was “assessing the implications” of the ban on TV channels.”
    Translation: The European lunkheads are sitting around in a circle for dialogue to figure out the best way to tell Zelensky how bad it is to silence obscene propaganda TV stations that bring lies from the country they are at war with.

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  • A step in the right direction. A powerful and savage fascist power is waging war on all fronts against Ukraine. All fifth columnists must be interred for the duration and all their assets seized. All diplomatic relations should cease and all RuSSian entities must be kicked out. Ukrainians in Russia must surely have identified themselves as Russian by now. Should any pro-Ukraine Ukrainians still remain in that benighted land, then consular assistance can be provided by a neutral such as Switzerland.

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  • And next week Kolomoisky please!

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  • With plunging polls an attempt to turn things around. Yulia will beat him next election. Zelensky only acts when the polls are downe. When he had 75% support, he did nothing.

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