Corona mortality rate in occupied Donbas catastrophic – Document

The January rate rose a staggering 131% to the previous

COVID-19 mortality in the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”, the territory temporarily occupied by Russian-controlled forces, has become critical, says a leaked letter, purportedly signed by a health expert working as an advisor to the self-styled chief of the occupied areas in Donetsk region.

The letter addressing “DPR head” Denis Pushilin appeared on the site of Ukraine’s Information Resistance nonprofit, as reported by Censor.NET.

The document says the rise in morbidity in the unrecognized “DPR” in January 2021 (against December 2020) stood at 133%, while corona mortality for the same period increased by 131%.

The letter adds that coronavirus-related mortality makes up almost 9% of the total figure, which is the highest percentage globally.

At the same time, in the government-controlled territories of Ukraine, corona mortality is now fixed at 1.9%, while the world average stands at 2.2%.

At the same time, health officials in the unrecognized “republic” formally declare that the situation remains stable and sees positive trends, also claiming that the mortality is “on decline”.

(c)UNIAN 2021


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