Ukraine has agreed with Britain on the import of fish – the State Food and Consumer Service

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has approved a certificate for the import of fishery products into Ukraine.

This was reported by the press service of the State Food and Consumer Services.

“This means that Ukraine will soon be able to import fish and fish products from the UK,” the statement said.

According to the head of the State Food and Consumer Service Vladislava Magaletskaya, the approval of international export certificates is a bilateral process.

“In turn, the specialists of the State Food and Consumer Service are processing certificates for the export of Ukrainian products to the UK,” the agency added.

“After the UK leaves the EU, we have to renegotiate agreements and certificates for bilateral trade.

Our task is for consumers in both countries to benefit and for businesses to see a “he-he” situation. We are now working 24/7 to ensure that Ukraine and Ukrainian business get the best conditions, and that Ukrainian consumers have access to quality goods from the UK, “Magaletska said. 

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  1. Great news! Finally Ukraine will have some decent fish for sale, instead of the awful stuff currently available.

    • You know what, if they get some fine British cod, some enterprising Ukrainian could open the first fish and chip shop! I think Ukrainians would love this tasty winter food and it would establish a new cultural connection!

      • Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Hake, Mackerel,
        there are many species that Ukraine could import from the UK. The river fish for sale in Ukrainian supermarkets is crap, I wouldn’t give it to my cats.

        • Mainly carp and members of the carp family?
          Britain’s massive Polish influx has caused a cultural problem: British amateur fishermen, of which there are millions, love to catch big carp, photograph them and chuck them back. The Polish lads don’t do sport: they catch ‘em and eat ‘em, unfortunately. They are also known to kill swans for meat as well and that REALLY upsets people.
          Despite these problems, Poles are on the whole, fairly decent immigrants who just want to work. But again, some spoil things by claiming child benefit and sending it back to Poland!

        • Kensington? They are so posh there that they probably don’t do fish and chips!
          When I was in London, South Kensington was known as Saudi Kensington!
          The wine bars there were good hunting grounds for posh totty!
          But no, I don’t think they use newspaper any more, as the print is potentially harmful.
          Some merchants produce their own, ‘safe’ newspaper wrapping with paid ads on it. Pretty enterprising eh?

          • There were mobile fish and chips shacks when i lived there. Very delicious fish i remember. And believe it or not, i was very wealthy and posh when i was younger, and a Man U fan, later Birmingham City. Today i got a medium size belly and i’m almost antisocial sometimes. But i wish things will turn into better for me again. Although Corona is a mess for all my plans. I’m bankrupt. Had to close my repair store and am supported by Larisa’s family. Also got to care for Oksana, who is a hair stylist by profession. Very hard times.

            • Hard times indeed. Half my family got the fucking pox and one of my friends, who runs a marketing consultancy, lost most of his clients due to the pox. Which in turn led to him no longer having any work to factor out to me.
              Chicom bastards need to pay up.
              Btw, I am a Blues (Birmingham City, not fucking Chelski) supporter. Unfortunately David Gold sold them to a Chicom criminal who used the club to launder money. Like a lower grade version of putler’s bag man; Abramovich.

              • Great you are City supporter. Didn’t know the chicom episode, it’s been a while since i followed the club. China has ruined millions of people. I have no doubt they will get the bill one day, it’s only a matter of time.

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