West Mistakenly Takes at Face Value Moscow’s Names for Institutions in Russia, Martynov Says — StopFake

By Paul Goble, Window On Eurasia Europeans and people in the West more generally make a major mistake by accepting Moscow’s designations for institutions in Russia, Kirill Martynov says. When they talk about Russian media, for example, they are “inclined to see “journalism and its crisis and not propaganda factories serving state corporations or the…

West Mistakenly Takes at Face Value Moscow’s Names for Institutions in Russia, Martynov Says — StopFake


  1. Indisputably, I am one-hundred-percent certain that great statesmen and stateswomen of the past would be left speechless if they were to return from their graves and were made aware of what is going on in the world of politics. They would say unanimously that the list of idiocy by current politicians is a very long one and come to the conclusion that the major players in the West are led by a pack of incompetent amateurs. These great politicians of the past would not only easily see right through the thin veil that mafia land has raised for trickery – Potemkin villages, if you will – but would also be aghast at how the West is hanging like piglets on a sou’s teets, regarding bat virus land. They would certainly also frown upon the immigration policies in place and ask themselves why certain countries are practicing self-immolation.
    Back in the day, I would never have guessed to be so unfortunate to be led by such stooges, and this in the 21st century.
    At any rate, these great men and women would prefer going back into their graves, instead of watching this circus show any longer.

    • Here is one woman that would have slapped down Merkel and Macron for their stupidity. This video is one hell of a prediction from the Iron Lady.

      • Great old girl. She knew the EU was a sack of cack but was brought down by Euro-grovellers Hesletine and Major.

      • You know what is kind of sad, wasn’t Stop Fake supposed to be one of those European projects to stop Russian disinformation? They do good work but take a second to compare their website to ours. We kick their ass and we don’t even have a budget.

        • The article source is not StopFake, it’s Window on Eurasia. Paul Goble is a bit more restrained than Marko Suprun from StopFake.

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