Occupiers of “DNR” threaten to aggravate situation at front because of attempted assassination of their battalion commander

The “DNR” occupiers threaten to aggravate the situation at the front because of the attempted assassination by unknown persons of battalion commander of the occupation forces Sergey Popov. This was stated by leading propagandist of the militants Daniil Bezsonov on a social network.

He actually confirmed that the “DNR” illegal armed formations did not comply with the ceasefire and promised to further escalate the conflict.

“The life of battalion commander “Long” is not in danger, his legs are cut, but nothing serious. According to my information, the battalion under the command of “Long” has been causing a lot of trouble for Ukrainian soldiers lately, apparently this is a reaction. However, the Ukes do not understand that now there will be more troubles”, – the speaker of the “DNR” terrorists stated.

As previously reported, unidentified persons blew up the car in which Sergey Popov and his daughter were traveling on Monday morning. Both victims were taken to the hospital with wounds and contusions. The occupation authorities traditionally groundlessly accused the Ukrainian side of undermining the militant. At the same time, it is surprising that there is no reaction from self-proclaimed mayor Ivan Prikhodko among the numerous reports of the explosion. Social networks write about his longstanding conflict with wounded Popov. Popov and Prikhodko cannot share the export of scrap metal from occupied Horlivka.

(C)OSTROV 2021


  • His legs are cut, but nothing serious…………………………….DNR said. He is now a midget.

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    • “Popov and Prikhodko cannot share the export of scrap metal from occupied Horlivka.”

      As we said here, it is most likely a mafia turf war and nothing else. It is also in character for the Moskali and what we’ve seen since the moment they started their illegal and immoral occupations.I’d like to put some scrap metal in their faces.

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  • As long as the filthy Ruskie and pro-Ruskie trash are in Donbass then the situation is automatically aggravated.
    But, if they want to escalate the situation then they can go ahead. More bloody Ruskie noses are a good thing.

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