European Solidarity co-chairperson Gerashchenko walks out of TV studio because of Arestovych’s sexist statements


Co-chairperson of the European Solidarity faction Iryna Gerashchenko left the studio during a live broadcast of the Freedom of Speech (Svoboda Slova) program on ICTV television channel on Monday because of the sexist statements of spokesperson of the Ukrainian delegation in the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) Oleksiy Arestovych.

“I cannot be on the air where sexism is manifested, and unfortunately neither the host nor the colleagues present here stops it. It seems to me that this is the situation that is especially from Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration [Olha Stefanishyna took part in the program] requires a special response. It is difficult to imagine such rhetoric from a representative of the ruling party in any European country,” Gerashchenko said.

Arestovych accused the European Solidarity party of undermining the national security of Ukraine.

“Who demoralizes the Ukrainian military? Not you? Not the EU, when you compose fairy tales that they are forbidden […] they are not allowed to shoot. You are corrupting them, with all this ‘Wagner,’ Medvedchuk […] You openly work against the national security of the state. This is an official statement […] Yes, I accuse European Solidarity of working in accordance with Russian narratives […] I have already said more than once how you behave, what you are slipping into. You discuss the president’s appearance […] not like that the bullet-proof vest is sitting, the helmet is not so, you have sunk to the level of a female hostel with such a vocational school in what you are doing,” Arestovych said.

According to a correspondent of Interfax-Ukraine, after Gerashchenko left the studio, the presenter finished the program ahead of time.

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