Deputy Valery Rashkin asked to check the words of Vladimir Solovyov for the rehabilitation of Nazism. He compared Navalny to Hitler

Deputy Valery Rashkin wrote a request to the General Prosecutor’s Office demanding to check the words of TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov for the rehabilitation of Nazism. Reported by RBC.

Rashkin’s claims are connected with the fact that on the air of “Russia-1” Solovyov, explaining why he does not respect the politician Alexei Navalny, compared him with the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler and saboteur Otto Skorzeny. He called both of them – unlike Navalny – “brave.”

“Skorzeny was an uncompromisingly brave man. True, he ended his life as an informant for the Israeli special services. But this did not stop him from being a Nazi criminal … Hitler, by the way, was a very brave man. In contrast, the Gulfikführer did not mow away from the army. He fought and fought valiantly during the First World War, “Soloviev said.

Soloviev himself expressed confidence that his words were not a rehabilitation of Nazism. “I said that Hitler’s personal courage was not an excuse for his actions,” the TV presenter said.

In May 2020, Rashkin asked the Prosecutor General’s Office to check for violations of the law on countering extremism the statements of the host Dmitry Kiselev because of his phrase about the need to “erect monuments to Kolchak, Wrangel, Denikin, Krasnov.” The deputy considered that the mention of Peter Krasnov in this context is his heroization. This initiative had no consequences.

The article on the rehabilitation of Nazism provides for responsibility for approving crimes established by the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal. The corresponding act committed using the media is punishable by a fine, forced labor, or imprisonment for up to five years. 

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  1. Interesting that this “TV presenter” is actually Jewish. Glorifying Hitler but demonizing Navalny. No wonder Vodka is the drink of choice in Moskovia. Logic or expressions of freedom get you tortured but stark irony and hypocrisy is considered normal and interesting.

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