Russia Imposes Sanctions Against Centrenergo, UkrOboronProm, And Ukrspecexport


The Russian Federation has imposed sanctions against the Centrenergo energy generating company, the UkrOboronProm state-run concern, and the Ukrspecexport, a state-run enterprise engaged in exportation and importation of military and specific goods and services, for the export and import of military and special-purpose products and services.

That is stated in Executive Order of the Government of the Russian Federation 153 dated February 11, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Russia expanded the sanctions list from 68 to 84 legal entities in Ukraine.

The sanctions were also imposed on Poltava Automotive Aggregate Plant PJSC, First Logistics Company LLC, and Insurance Group TAS PJSC.

The sanctions imply freezing non-cash funds, uncertified securities, and property in Russia’s territory and a ban on the transfer of funds (withdrawal of capital) from its territory.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in November 2018, Russia imposed sanctions against 322 individuals and 68 legal entities of Ukraine.

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  1. So Muscovy place sanctions on companies that stopped exporting military hardware to the mafia state years ago. That’s going to hurt. 🤣

  2. No superduper hydrosonic weapons for Mordor, no trips to Mars or the Moon. No engines for Russian planes and ships. Well done, Moscow!

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