Hypersonic weapons to comprise backbone of Russia’s conventional deterrence forces

The potential of non-nuclear deterrence forces, primarily, precision weapons, is being boosted, according to the top brassRussian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu Vadim Savitskiy/Russia's Defense Ministry press service/TASSRussian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu© Vadim Savitskiy/Russia’s Defense Ministry press service/TASS

MOSCOW, February 9. /TASS/. Hypersonic weapons of various types of basing will comprise the backbone of Russia’s non-nuclear deterrence forces, Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu said at an annual operational and mobilization gathering of commanders on Tuesday.

“The potential of non-nuclear deterrence forces, primarily, precision weapons, is being strengthened. Hypersonic systems of various basing will comprise their backbone,” the defense chief stressed.

As the Russian defense minister said, “the Army and the Navy are constantly fulfilling tasks that require commanders to have a profound command of the situation, knowledge of the capabilities of their forces and resources, a creative approach and a reasonable initiative.

The professional level of Russian officers is constantly improving as well as the quality of the fulfillment of tasks by military command centers while the combat experience is being timely put into practice, Shoigu said.READ ALSOAI to assist Russian military brass in decision-making, says hi-tech manufacturer

As the Russian defense chief recalled, “a lot of methods and techniques of combat operations that were not used previously were implemented during the operation in Syria.” “It is necessary to improve them and use them in the training of headquarters and troops,” Shoigu stressed.

As the Russian defense chief said, “the peacekeeping operation in Nagorno-Karabakh has also confirmed the high skills of the Armed Forces’ command.”

Defense Ministry’s work

The Russian Army and Navy continue developing consistently, the combat readiness of the country’s nuclear triad is being maintained at a high level and its components are being upgraded in a balanced manner. The latest missile systems outfitted with the advanced weapons of breaching anti-ballistic missile defenses are assuming combat duty while military science is developing new methods of troops’ employment, proceeding from the forecasts of the nature of armed conflicts and local wars and the prospects of the emergence of weapons in foreign armies based on new physical principles, the Russian defense chief said.

According to the defense minister, “robotized systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and automated command and control systems are being used increasingly widely in combat training.”

“Last year, we fulfilled the order by the supreme commander-in-chief given in the May 2012 decree: the share of advanced armament and military hardware in the troops amounted to 70.1%,” Shoigu stressed.

“Now it is necessary to provide for introducing artificial intelligence technologies into the armament that defines the future outlook of the Armed Forces,” the defense chief said.

Organizational and mobilization gathering of commanders

As the Russian defense minister stressed, “the commanders need to constantly improve their professional skills and knowledge and introduce advanced methods into the training practice of military command centers of military formations and units.”

“Proceeding from this, modern and promising forms and methods of troops’ operations will be considered in the theoretical part of our work, taking into account the experience of various armed conflicts,” Shoigu said.

“As part of practical work, we will hold roundtable discussions to focus on the issues of exerting all-embracing impact on the enemy, covering our troops and fighting unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles,” the defense chief said.

“We will also pay attention to developing the combat training system and the promising methods of holding force-on-force tactical drills,” Shoigu said.

According to the Russian defense minister, “a strategic force-on-force command and staff military game” will be a basic feature of this year’s organizational and mobilization gathering of the command staff.

“At the final stage, we will practice measures at the Alabino training ground to organize combat operations, employing the integrated tactical-level command and control system,” Shoigu said.

Russia’s defense chief said he was confident that the operational and mobilization gathering of commanders “will contribute to raising the professionalism of the commanding staff and commanders and become an important stage in preparations for the Zapad 2021 joint strategic drills.”

(c)TASS 2021


  • Lots of cash for the military killing slavic ukrainians. Lots of cash to bribe western leaders. Lots of cash for the ruSSian mafia elite. But not a penny to improve the standard of living for the ordinary ruSSian people. Time for a hypersonic nuke up Putin’s criminal ass!

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  • Hypersonic missiles are, an old technology with a massive price tag and few meaningful advantages over existing ballistic missiles. Many claims regarding the purported advantages of hypersonic weapons are false.

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    • Nothing to worry about SA, in a few weeks they will be announcing a change in strategy because Ukraine, the USA and Europe won’t provide the materials for the plans they stole from the Pentagon…
      Meanwhile, outside of Moscow, the people are wishing the Kremlin would invent underwear and some good soap that can remove skidmarks.

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  • This announcement will be received by certain Western politicians with fear and a stench will be smelled, reeking of shit in the pants.
    More sober persons will only smile tiredly over yet another lame blathering from the nation famous for its many little Potemkin Villages. Alas, a country that wants to impress the big boys but is full of towns and villages without even paved roads, toilets and running water.

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