“DNR” believes that Ukrainian special forces were able to organize blowing up of “battalion commander” in a matter of hours : Photos

Accusing the Ukrainian side of the attempted assassination of the battalion commander of the occupation forces, the “DNR” propagandists have stated that the AFU special forces could sabotage in the deep rear of CADO in a matter of hours. This follows from the statement of the management of the so-called “people’s militia” (self-name of the “DNR” illegal armed formations – OstroV).

“Ukrainian militants from the joint detachment of the West separate special purpose center organized the explosion of a car in Horlivka, in which there was a serviceman of the DNR people’s militia”, – it says.

According to local propagandists, the order to blow up the car of the Horlivka militant Sergey Popov was issued after “the President of Ukraine instructed Chief of the General Staff Ruslan Khomchak to personally come to the conflict zone in the Donbas to conduct an investigation” into the deaths of three Ukrainian soldiers with an unknown explosive device.

“Fearing for his reputation due to a sharp increase in non-battle losses over the past two weeks, Khomchak set the task before the joint detachment of the West separate special purpose center to organize a high-profile act of sabotage in order to divert the attention of the Ukrainian public and reduce the negative reaction. The Ukrainian militants chose the car of the DNR people’s militia serviceman as the object of the terrorist attack, having installed an explosive device on the bottom of the car, which went off in a residential area of the city of Horlivka”, – the “People’s Militia” department stated.

As previously reported, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy instructed Defense Minister Andriy Taran and Commander-in-Chief of the AFU Ruslan Khomchak to urgently arrive in the Joint Forces Operation zone to establish all the circumstances of the deaths of three Ukrainian soldiers on February 14 at about 15:00. The assassination attempt on the militant battalion commander took place on February 15 at 7:00 Kyiv time. Thus, the “people’s militia” believes that the Ukrainian special forces are able to prepare and implement a sabotage action in the occupied Horlivka controlled by the Russian security forces in 15-16 hours.

It is indicative that the occupation authorities made their own “conclusions” even faster: local security forces-propagandists found the “guilty”, including the “customers” in 2 hours without conducting an investigation, expert examination and so on.

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  1. I think if a Ukrainian or CIA force went into RuSSian-occupied territory to assassinate someone, they would have used something a little stronger than this.
    Most likely this was another inside job and well deserved for perpetuating Putin’s fascism.

    • I agree with you, Red. No special forces unit would go deep into enemy-held territory to assassinate someone with what looks like a mere hand grenade. They would make sure that there would be little left of the vehicle, not to mention the cretins inside. In fact, a battalion commander is a far too insignificant target for such a mission.

  2. More likely fragged by his own gangsters.

    An assasination by Ukrainian special forces would have been assured and left the car bullet ridden or totally destroyed.

    That was either a bodged attempt or a warning.

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