Rostec develops new artificial ventilator

A prototype sample of the device has already been developed, technical trials are underway in order to register it as a medical product

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS/. The Schwabe Holding of Russia’s Rostec state hi-tech corporation has developed a new artificial lung ventilation device, according to the corporation’s press service. This is the first artificial lung ventilator in Russia with a function of safe tomography, the corporation notes.

“Tomography is performed without radiation using electrochemical impedance method safe for humans. Currently there are no Russian analogues of the device,” the statement said.

A prototype sample of the device has already been developed, technical trials are underway in order to register it as a medical product.

The new AIVL-01 project was created at the Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant of the Schwabe holding. “It allows to visualize the lung volume during breathing, estimate the degree of lung damage, including with viral pneumonias, as well as when doctors need to adjust the strategy of respiratory support by fine-tuning the volume of breathing mixture supplied to a patient. Its use is particularly important during the pandemic of COVID-19,” the corporation said.

It is planned to produce both artificial lung ventilators with a built-in tomograph as well as a tomograph scanner as a separate device.

The Urals Instrument-Making Plant, part of Rostec’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET), is a manufacturer of Aventa-M artificial lung ventilators. Last year, the concern was designated as a sole supplier of artificial lung ventilators to Russian hospitals within the framework of the state contract with the Industry and Trade Ministry on delivery of 6,700 devices. Additionally, the hospitals purchase equipment directly from the manufacturer.

In the spring of 2020, fires broke out at some hospitals that used artificial lung ventilators for treating coronavirus patients. The inspection by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare revealed violations of their operations. However, the quality and safety evaluation of the devices did not establish a direct connection with fires at hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Rostec stated that fires at the Russian hospitals where the artificial lung ventilators were used were caused not by their design features but by approaches to their use.

(c)TASS 2021

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