Putin: Russia will not leave Donbas

At the same time, the Russian president stressed that before making any decision, one needs to think about the consequences

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will not leave Donbas. This topic was discussed during his meeting with the chief editors of the Russian media, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“I see some people who were injured and mutilated, especially children in Donbas … We will not leave Donbas, no matter what,” Putin stressed.

At the same time, he added that before making any decision, you need to think about the consequences of any step.

Aat the end of January of this year, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia does not intend to annex Donbas – this issue is not on the agenda.

In addition, Peskov also argued that Russia and the United States had serious disagreements over the situation in Donbas. However, the parties are ready for dialogue.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine denies Russia’s mediating role in resolving the conflict in Donbas, since this country itself takes part in it. This is stated in the commentary of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in connection with the latest statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding the situation in Donbas.

“The Russian military presence in the occupied part of Donbas continues to this day. Illegal crossing of  uncontrolled segment of the Ukrainian-Russian state border in order to strengthen and rotate the armed forces of the Russian Federation has become a constant practice … Documentary and other evidence of the role and direct Russia’s participation in an armed conflict against Ukraine are transferred and will continue to be transferred by the Ukrainian side to international jurisdictional institutions. Therefore, the insistence of Russian officials about the allegedly “mediating” role in the peace process in Donbas is outrageous,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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  1. ““I see some people who were injured and mutilated, especially children in Donbas … We will not leave Donbas, no matter what,” Putin stressed.”

    You must have fucking good eyesight to see that from your isolated bunker. Of course you mean kids like the one dreamt up by your vile Kremlin propaganda machine in Slovyansk.

    Now that Putin finally admitted his vermin are in Donbas, time for Ukraine to demand the removal of Russia from the OSCE, Normandy 4, and the TCG. The West have no excuses now for not backing Ukraine in these demands.

    • He can be prosecuted by the ICC for crimes against humanity. The invasion of Ukraine and the shoot down of MH 17 certainly qualify.

  2. In reality, this shit nugget and political imposter would love to retreat from Donbass. The situation there is a never-ending story and a serious money-drain for mafia land. But, doing so would mean admitting defeat and that the effort was wrong, a waste of lives, money and resources. It would mean his (pseudo) political end and maybe even more. These are the true reasons why this shithead will stay there for as long as he lives. Of course, no one will ever hear this from him. It’s a close-kept secret inside of his rotten little pea-brain

  3. Trying to boost his popularity? Big daddy caring so much about ruSSians… that’s why he keeps jailing them for using flashlights…

  4. Good keep it!
    Donbas is the hot potato and who ever is holding it is loosing. Best it be Russia.
    Donets was a world class industrial center. Now it’s decaying factories and buildings are the tombstone’s to the idea of the Russian MIr.

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