Putin, at a meeting with chief editors of the media, commented on the actions in support of Navalny. And traditionally did not call him by name

During a meeting with the chief editors of the media, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the actions in support of Alexei Navalny, which took place in Russia in January-February.

Putin again did not name Alexei Navalny, mentioning him only as a “figurant”. The President of the Russian Federation, in particular, said that people came out to protests “including not because of this person involved.” 

The president of the Russian Federation linked the protest moods, first of all, with the deterioration of the standard of living, the fatigue of the people, which, in his opinion, “all opposing forces” are trying to use both in Europe and in the USA, “and here”.

“After all, the person involved in this is also used right now, just when in all countries of the world, including ours, people get tired, accumulated irritation arises, discontent arises, including in relation to the conditions in which they live, the level of their income, ”Putin said.

The President of the Russian Federation also said that “our opponents or potential opponents from time immemorial, it has always been since the time of Tsar Pea, in our modern history, in a more distant period, during the preparation and conduct of the First World War, have always relied on people very ambitious, thirsty for power always used them. “

“They used it, of course, not for their interests, but for their own. And we see nothing new here. I don’t see anything new at all. There are many ambitions, a lot of energy. The desire to earn more money, to break through to power is obvious. And all this is simply used in the most active way. For what? It’s also an obvious thing. “

The meeting of the President of the Russian Federation with the chief editors took place on February 10 and was closed. On February 13, fragments of it were shown on the air of Rossiya 24, and a transcript was published on the Vesti website. The context in which the protests were discussed at the meeting is not specified.

Actions in support of Alexei Navalny took place in different cities of Russia after the politician returned to Moscow from Berlin, where he was treated after the assassination attempt, and was detained at the airport. A record number of participants were detained at the rallies, and about 100 criminal cases were initiated.

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  1. “The rug rat again did not name Alexei Navalny, mentioning him only as a “figurant”.”
    Pew-tin’s behavior towards Navalny is infantile and unsophisticated and to me, it carries the stench of fear.
    On the same note, let us not call the rug rat “President of the Russian Federation” but the much more appropriate title, the godfather of mafia land.

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